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Oraquick Test Kit for Home

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Using Oraquick now you able to test HIV in your own house, this test is fast, easy so you have not waiting for test or waiting few days for result and this is cheap also. The new Oraquick HIV test is the first FDA approved home test for HIV. Although the oraquick test is not yet on the market for over the counter use, the company says that when it does become available you will be able to purchase an Oraquick HIV test over the counter from any major pharmaceutical retailer or on line pharmacy. You can get this product from your physician when it available in market.
Oraquick positive result 92% accurate because Oraquick HIV test proven 92% accurate result in identifying the antibodies present in an HIV positive person body. You get 99% accurate result if you are HIV negative. One reason for this variance with the Oraquick HIV test is that antibodies resulting in a positive test for someone with HIV can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months from the date of infection to reach a level that is detectable. The trail test shown a little less accurate when it perform by individual instead of professional but the organizer of the trails said that difference is expected based on experience professional vs individual.
Using a swab to collect a sample of salvia and wait is the procedure when you use a HIV oraquick Home test Kit. This test almost like a pregnancy test, this test show result in a clear and easy to read manner. Get results within 20-40 minutes, and, for added peace of mind, every oraquick test that is performed accurately will display one line in the control indicator of the test. This means you can easily understand that your test perform accurately or not and get maximum accuracy result. In addition, because the oraquick test uses saliva samples, it is the only totally painless HIV home test, and allows you to know your results much more quickly than any other home test that has previously been available. Prior to the oraquick test, home kits required that you prick your finger and send a blood sample through the mail to the lab.Nevertheless, why is this Oraquick test so important? Early diagnosis and treatment is vital to a person who does have HIV, because, all there is no known cure, the early you are able to begin antiretroviral therapy the greater your quality and length of life will be. Knowledge of HIV is very helpful to prevent this disease. Knowledge of infection, fast action towards treatment, and social awareness help to reduct the possibility of HIV transmission. Even though an Oraquick test is not so much accurate as lab test but it is great way to test in home and your privacy also maintain, if anybody get positive result then he go for lab test and continue medical treatment as soon as possible.



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  • Posted On August 4, 2012
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