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Our respective efforts to move in the opposite direction

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We want Griffey Shoesmore efforts in order to look effortless. The hardships of this process, only efforts ever know. But only you get to the top of the hill, the whole mountain will be relying on you.
I was into when the company recruited three interns, I, Ami and Lao Zhu. Small companies, a dozen services to four projects. The three of us as an assistant to participate in one of the very important project that we do every day things, but are connected to the phone to convey the work under a single, to attend meetings and record meeting minutes. The three of us often complain that work together boring, led by nit-picking the hardships of living in Shanghai. We occasionally talk about the ideal. Yes ah, as hard foreigners in Shanghai alone, if there is no ideal support, how can we survive the first difficult years.
Lao Zhu is our only boy, his vision is that within five years to achieve, director. He said categorically that he, rest assured, I will definitely do it! At that time, in our eyes, the director is so unattainable, not easy to reach. And Ami, I joked with him, if Nike Foamposites For Cheaphe did, director, on to his children work Shoudi Xia, so will no longer be looked down upon and humiliated.
Ami’s ideal is to marry a Zhilengzhire, really good for her, provided that he can be a house down payment in the inner ring. Ami from a mountain, and settled in Shanghai, has already made a stand out in her eyes.
I did not know what they want. The only certainty is that I hate brains, three meals a day and hate the housing house bathroom dim husband Housing hate to buy snacks should be calculated a half-day. I consider that my mind should be spent on important things, but what is “important” things, I do not know. Ami and Lao Zhu help me summarize: For you are now, the most important thing is, you need to make more money to support the good life! I thought, nodded and replied.
A few months later, the service project of Lao Zhu fired our company, important personnel restructuring assignments is not very important person, such as Lao Zhu such as dismissal. Lao Zhu go, the Air Griffey Max Fury 2012three of us dined, Zhu said, even if the company does not fire him, he also intends to go. Because in so precarious a small company, no future!
Lao Zhu, then I listened to inside. I carefully calculated “income and expenditure found to continue to stay in this company, can not change the existing status within two years, then resign in the spring of next year, skip a feature to work overtime for companies. Ami also remain in the original company, only from the planning to the sales job.
After two years, I have experienced a single person to do the seven projects, seven days classes seven days a week in overtime, my professional competence and salary climbing, I had to live a good house, eat well things, with a monthly salary of a slight surplus days. However, endless overtime to bring the most serious consequence is that my body condition, dizziness, tinnitus, auditory hallucinations and a period of time.
One day too tired, I fell down the stairs, though nothing serious, but also on the bed lay a whole week. I think I can take a break, I did not realize my leadership: the project is to you and others a moment, took over. You are now broken legs, hands, and can sit cumairece 6/28 up, put the laptop to the hospital, insist on doing. I naturally refused, this aggrieved cried. The leadership thought, decide to give me to add 2,000 salary, so I stick with it. For two thousand, I was – from.
Out of the hospital, I made a half a year, the past six months, like a lot. Think about most is that I want what is? For this salary, put life to catch go, it is uneconomical. As a result, I first think carefully about the trades. The industry, want to do, you can only pay ten times more efforts than others. I am a traditional woman, before marriage can work, but the marriage is bound to most of the time granted to the family. Continue to engage in this industry, the family can not be taken into account. This is not what I want, then this industry is not my only. In other words, I need to give yourself more choices.
After the resignation of an industry ranking of companies to find competent by virtue of prior work experience, and then gradually rose to the project manager, department manager. In these years, learning psychology, test the two countries counselors, and they are being introduced by a friend to undertake some business. The free time will write writing magazine to help a friend to write a few columns, write the script with the same writers in Singapore.
It can be said a few lines at the same time in the development time is evenly distributed, although not very good, can be considered to ease. In such efforts, I am more and more emboldened, no longer confused and think that at this stage to find the life I want to do certain things – with their own efforts, in particular stages of life, not blind speed, not Air Yeezy Glow In The Dark for Saletoo much, unhurried, a step-by-step promised to a future.
In these years, Ami married people, the house in Shanghai, her husband around the baby in the stomach. Lao Zhu became a company director with a dozen little brother. To call Ami husband complained to me work too hard, often late at night to go home, let her worry about it really. Lao Zhu complain simply 88,89,90 their world with me, these people just too hard tube, often ineffective communication.
In addition to complaining about outside, however, we can no longer talk about the ideal, talking about the house the car and pressure. I never asked in this process they have gone through something. I know that in order to get, will inevitably have to pay ten times the effort in this process difficult, not less than mine.
I think they told me, have been identified, a lot of time, the ideal is only one direction, you have no ideal what your ideal is not important. Importantly, do you know what kind of life you thought? Do you have work hard for it?
Perhaps some people will say, I have Nike Charles Barkley Shoesbeen very hard, but away from the desired result is still too far away. I can only say that either you set the wrong goal, or your efforts to the wrong position, or you do not work hard enough. “We want to work hard, in order to look effortless.” The hardships of this process, efforts ever know. But only you get to the top of the hill, the whole mountain will be relying on you.


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