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Outfitting Your School With The Right Furniture

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Whether you are building a private school, a preschool or other type of learning environment, the right type of furniture is an essential part of your school plan. School furniture can have a huge impact on how well your students learn and can also affect their social skills as well. Choosing furniture that will last and is durable is equally important and makes the task of securing the right furniture for your school a vital task.

When getting ready to buy school furniture, you must consider the following criteria in your selection, budget, learning environment, comfort, size and durability. All of these factors will influence the type of furniture you buy as well as where you will buy it. Make a list of the priorities as you see them. For most every school budget is high on the list; however it is important to try to balance your need for a budget with your students’ needs to ensure that you do not compromise your learning environment.

Certain types of furniture can be more easily compromised than others, things such as chairs and desks should be carefully selected for a number of different reasons. Your students will spend over 75% of their time sitting while in school, an uncomfortable chair is more than just an inconvenience to your students but can affect their ability to pay attention and to learn. A fidgeting, uncomfortable child is going to have problems focusing on the lessons and this can seriously affect their ability to learn.

There are several different types of chairs and desks available, you will find chairs for instance in wood, soft plastic and hard plastic. You will also find different designs that may have a full back and wide base and smaller chairs with only a seat and a back. Padding is out of the question of course since no matter what age of a child you are buying for the padding would quickly be destroyed and leaves the chairs useless.

Choose a material that has some give, this will allow the chair to conform to the student when they sit in it. Polyethylene and Polypropylene are popular materials for chairs, as they have the right amount of give while still being strong and durable. Choose a chair that has lumbar support and a waterfall front edge. This offers support for the critical areas of the back and the legs to ensure the least amount of pressure and the best circulation when sitting for long hours.

The legs of the chair should be made from heavy gauge steel, this is important if you want your school furniture to last since legs are the area of the chair that is most likely to break. Check how the legs are attached to the rest of the chair as well, rivets should be heavy duty and welding should be properly done to keep the chair from falling apart under too much heavy use.

Tables such as cafeteria tables should also offer heavy gauge steel, but comfort is less of an issue for tables with built in seating since they will not be used for long periods of time. Here durability is your major concern, since they will take a beating. Choose tables that are adjustable if you are buying for an elementary school, this allows you to use the furniture for all ages and avoids having to buy tables for each age group.

School Furniture such as shelving, teacher’s desks and other types of furniture are the best places to try to save some on your budget but even here you must be conscious of durability. It saves you nothing to buy a piece of school furniture that you must replace far too soon, because you were trying to save money. Instead try to save money by looking for sales or buying in quantity. Often times if you buy all of your school furniture at one place you can negotiate a lower price than if you buy it piecemeal. Those discounts can add up fast and make a big difference in the quality of furniture as well as the amount of furniture you are able to buy.

At Integrity Furniture we offer you all the school furniture you will need for your school, from classroom to cafeteria and auditorium we have everything you will need to keep your school outfitted with quality comfortable furniture. We offer discounts for large orders and work hard to keep our prices reasonable to ensure you get value for your money.


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