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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

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Pay-Per-Click advertising is an approach to Internet marketing that places ads on search engines based on relevant keyword searches. Basically, a virtual agreement between your business and a search engine such as Google is created to place specific paid ads on the search engines’ site. It is necessary to note the difference between a paid PPC campaign and an organic search using search engine optimization. SEO is a free listing using specific key words to rank for relevant searches on separate search engines. They are similar to paid searches for they both use specific keywords and take constant monitoring of the ads and words created. The problem with organic search is that they can take months to develop, so trying to keep things local may be a smart strategy. Using the keyword New Jersey Search Engine Optimization for example, would be great to help promote a web marketing agency. With the right campaign carried out with a learned professional, using a PPC advertisement could increase sales in a matter of weeks or even days rather than months.

After you have selected the keywords you feel represent your business to potential consumers, you will bid a maximum price for each word. You will be ranked by the relevance of your ad to the search and the actual amount of money you paid per click. Usually, the more competitive the word the more you will have to pay for each click. The great part is that you only have to pay as much as people click you on the ad. Creating a very specific ad is important because it will make your ad rank higher in the eyes of the search engine. That means that whoever actually clicks on the ad will be driven there as a qualified lead who is looking for precisely what you are selling.

The final step will be to write the actual ad, which requires a lot of planning and strategy. Quality is far more important than quantity as a single, well written ad is much better than just shelling out ten at time. Find ways to separate yourself from your competition, as there will be tons of other ads your potential customers will see. If you include the keyword in the written text than it will be highlighted, already making that ad better qualified. You also only have a very short amount of space to write so consider giving the customer a direction to buy so they feel like they should actually make a purchase. If you don’t see the results you expect then try and localizing your search. From our example from before, you could use terms like NJ Internet marketing or NJ SEO to make your ads more specific, thereby increasing your chances of being clicked on. Make sure to focus on these tasks for writing a good ad and you will be getting clicks in no time at all.


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