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PDF to AutoCAD – Which method works best?

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Stuck with PDF drawings?  Looking for a way to import them into AutoCAD?

One way is to just import them as a ‘underlay’ in the latest versions of AutoCAD.   If that is not enough, you have to consider getting them converted to AutoCAD.

The advantages of converting from PDF to AutoCAD format are many.  These with conversions being delivered in CAD formats like DWG, DXF they can be easily opened and edited within AutoCAD just like any normal CAD drafted drawing.  These possibilities of opening and editing the drawings within AutoCAD allow for making the drawing a perfect replacement of its paper / scan / pdf based original.  It also leads to easier storage, handling, and editing across all levels of an organization.

There are 2 widely popular choices for PDF to AutoCAD conversion:

1)       Automatic PDF to AutoCAD Conversions

2)       Manual PDF to AutoCAD Conversions

Automatic PDF to AutoCAD Conversions:

AutoCAD PDF to AutoCAD conversions are easy, and low-cost.  All you need to do is buy a PDF to AutoCAD software and run it to convert your PDF files to AutoCAD.

Sounds perfect!  Does it not?

Well like the saying goes ‘Anything that sound too good to be true may be just that.’  And this is just that!

The conversions you get from Automatic PDF to AutoCAD tools are broken down versions of each element in line, polyline formats.  Each circle, arc, dimension, hatch, text is converted as a line / polyline / segment of arcs.

So that does not allow for room for any kind of easy editing and modification.. All in all it is just a vectored representation of your raster document, which can be opened and viewed in AutoCAD.

Many a times the conversions are so broken up and contain so many unwanted elements like noise / speckles that were on the PDF that you in fact have to spend many hours to clean these up and make them presentable.

So although Automatic PDF to AutoCAD tools do exist.  They are till date not a very favorite choice when you wish for proper CAD Conversions which can be opened, handled and edited with normal and proper cad entities like dimensions, hatch, blocks, text, arc, circles, etc.

Manual PDF to AutoCAD Conversions:

A manual PDF to AutoCAD Conversion is exactly what it sounds like.  It is performed by actual CAD draftspersons who work on CAD to properly and accurately ‘re-create’ your PDF / Scan / Paper based drawings into AutoCAD.

These conversions are as good as the original drawings, are free to speckles and noises (unwanted elements) and are EASILY EDITABLE.  A text is a Text element, A dimension is a dimension, a line is a line and a hatch is a hatch, to mention a few.

One such manual, accurate and high-quality PDF to AutoCAD service to convert your PDF / Scan / Paper based drawings to AutoCAD is available at


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