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PDF to AutoCAD the correct way

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PDF to Autocad conversion is the need of the hour.  Engineers, consultants and contractors all across the world prefer to exchange drawings and specifications in PDF format due to its ease of use and wide scale usability without the need of adding CAD softwares on every machine.

PDF in itself is a fantastic format and with the PDF viewer / Reader as one of the most widely installed tool, almost everyone who operates a computer can open/view the PDF documents easily.

Being manually re-drafted each PDF to Autocad conversion is an accurate and to-scale drafted drawing with custom layering standards. Your in-house CAD standards, block libraries, text styles etc. are incorporated into these conversions to deliver readily usable Autocad drawings for you.


The main trouble starts when engineers / contactors / consultants wish to edit portions of these PDF drawings and add new features / upgrades in design to them.

Autocad (at least the latest versions) does allow for PDf to be inserted into a drawing.  But its only as good as an external image reference.  It can not be edited.  It can not be modified.  In part or in whole the PDf inserted is just a ‘raster’ inserted into Autocad.

This is where PDF to AutoCAD conversion services come in handy.

PDF to AutoCAD helps perform accurate conversions of PDF drawings and also scanned formats like Tif and JPG to accurate and easily editable CAD drawings.

This is no automatic tool,  each drawing ordered is manually re-drafted into CAD drawings by real cad engineers.  These CAD drawings are delivered in CAD formats like DWG, DXF, etc. so that they can be easily opened in popular CAD tools like AutoCAD and modified / edited like a normal CAD drawing.
A manual Pdf to Autocad conversion service delivers accurate and perfect CAD drawings most unlike automated pdf to cad tools which result in broken, required to be cleaned, and not directly usable drawings.

Why would you wish to by a tool that ends up giving you im-perfect conversions?

Choose to order an accurate PDF to AutoCAD Conversion for yourself and save yourself the trouble and money too.


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  • Posted On February 19, 2012
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