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Pearl Bridal Jewelry for the June Bride

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“The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens” – Author unknown

As the birth stone for June, Pearls are definitely a fixture in a woman’s jewelry box. From a string of pearls to put on to work, to an exceptionally made tiara for the bride-to-be on her big day, pearls have evolved from being the “gems of queens” to a commoner’s beloved gem, from one corner of the world to another.

It’s no surprise that pearls are always in the list of potential bridal jewelry, and since June is one of the most in-demand months to get hitched, pearls are undoubtedly the gem of choice for June brides.

Here’s a little trivia on pearls that you might not be aware of:

1. As far as 3,000 years ago, brides have been offered, presented, donned pearls on their wedding day. It is said that Krishna, from ancient Hindu books, brought pearls from the depths of the ocean to give his daughter on her big day.

2. Crusaders would often give pearls to the fair maidens on their big day.

3. Before cultured pearls came to being, natural pearls were so exceptional and costly back in the days that it was said Roman General Vitellius financed a whole military campaign by simply selling one of his mother’s pearls!

4. The oldest surviving pearl necklace was found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess and is supposed to be 2000 years old.

5. Queen Elizabeth 1 was so in love with pearls she wore seven ropes of them, and she was a proud owner of 3,000 pearl embroidered dresses. Talk about the gem of queens!

Indeed, every woman appears like a queen when swathed in pearls. Historically, pearl jewelry was presented by the father of the bride or groom and has come to represent love, happiness, wealth and forever. Many brides use pearls for their gown, sometimes just decorating the hemline, while others use a completely ornamented bodice of pearls. Non-jewelry wedding add-ons for example tiaras, hair combs, hair pieces, handbags, gloves and shoes are also adorned with pearls.

Apart from being an ideal jewelry for the June bride, pearls are also given as gifts to couples who’re about to reach their 3rd and 30th wedding anniversary. Bridesmaids are also presented pearl pendants as a way to express gratitude for their tireless work during the weddings. It’s timeless, classic, and can certainly be appreciated.

Choosing pearls for your bridal jewelry, June bride, is as confusing and challenging as choosing your wedding gown. Why so? The huge selection of pearl jewelry accessible, the elaborate designs made by the most talented designers, and the various wedding jewelry pieces are sufficient to drive a bride-to-be up the wall. There’s no better time than right now to buy pearls. Cultured pearls tend to be more reasonably priced than the uncommon and natural pearls. Large ones can fetch a higher price, while fresh water pearls are inexpensive for the sensible bride.

Pearls. A wedding jewelry custom which has stood the test of time. Definitely, one of nature’s amazing gifts to the bride-to-be. Most importantly, for the June bride.

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