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PEER TO PEER LENDING IN INDIA- better than traditional investment options

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Peer to peer lending is going to revolutionize the lending platform of India in a couple of years. This platform promises immense return in a very short period. It mutually benefits the lenders and borrowers with healthy returns by eliminating any middlemen in between.


A very informative article on this topic made me think to invest in such a platform. Already this type of an investment option is doing wonders in countries like United States and soon it is going to hit India.

The article which I read gives a very wonderful overview and meaning about peer to peer lending in India. Trust me, I had no clue about it before I read this article.


Following points that needs to be kept in mind about peer to peer lending are-


  • It is an online marketplace for lenders and borrowers

  • The benefit of using an online platform is that it makes P2P lending easier to afford than borrowing money through traditional financial institutions.

  • RBI will soon regulate peer to peer lending in India.


Peer to peer lending is soon going to take over the banking industries. Some online peer to peer platforms like Loan Kuber are coming up which promises for a great returns and loan flexibilty. So if you are an interested investor or borrower, please visit


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  • Posted On September 15, 2016
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