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Persians invented the hockey,NHL Jerseys Cheap

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Hockey is the ancient Persians invented the sports activities. Later, the movement spread to Europe and North Africa. With the records of the hockey activities China from the Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty Palace word “front of the temple lay on both sides of floor, step play, Cold Food Husband step play Wholesale jerseys,” said, referring to hockey.Modern hockey in the UK in 1875. English Hockey Association, was founded in London in 1886 was representative of Scotland, Ireland and Wales between the regular game. With the continuous expansion of the British colonialists, hockey was brought to all is none other than colonies such as India, Pakistan, and has become their “national sport”.

Hockey at the 1908 4th Olympic Games as the events of the General Assembly. In 1924, the International Hockey Federation was founded and is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. Every 2-3 years from 1971 to convene a World Hockey Championship. The power of today’s world hockey in the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Pakistan, NFL jerseys cheap New Zealand and other countries.In China, compared with the original hockey has been popular in Neimenggumo Dawa Daur people. However, modern hockey is the mid-1970s was carried out in China.


In 1975, the state body delegated Hockey Expedition traveled to Pakistan to study visits. That same year, Neimenggumo Dawa Daur Daur basketball jerseys cheap Autonomous Banner form China’s first hockey team. In August 1978, held in Qiqihar City, the first ever national hockey. In August 1980, Congress held in Brussels, Belgium, the International Hockey Federation decision?? Accept the Chinese Hockey Association for the members of the Federation.dcyh00320120526


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