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Phone Systems and Even Sisters Can be Sold Online

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Many business people will claim that their particular product or service is not fitting for selling via the world wide web, but is that strictly true? There is a British musician who would argue to the contrary since he auctioned his sister in an advert on Ebay. James Blunt returned home to find his sibling Emily in tears due to a plane strike that was preventing her from getting to an Irish funeral. After trying a few pleas for assistance by phone, the helpful brother placed an ad on E-bay. It read, “’Damsel in distress seeks knight in shining armor! Desperate to get to a burial in Southern Ireland, please help!”
The successful bidder, Peter Palmer, offered to fly her to the Emerald Isle in his friends private helicopter and one thing led to another. In the end the flight never happened but the last news that we heard was that marriage between the two was on the cards. So who says that you can’t shift anything on the internet?
We frequently hear entrepreneurs say that their goods aren’t suitable for marketing in a HTML style. It’s too technical or excessively complex to price, comes the cry. The marketers need to start thinking outside of the box as almost any enterprise on earth can benefit from a website. I mean, who would imagine that you would be able to market Phone Systems in this way? Well I know a major telecoms player who seems to be dominating this arena in a telecommunications sense. The phone systems installers and maintainers from are part of UK based Abbey Telecom who use an impressive mix of microsites and video content to provide their potential customers with all of the necessary information to make procurement decisions remotely. They can watch a series of videos in a distant learning format at any hour of the day or night. They demonstrate the specific functionality of the phone systems and there’s a bunch which give training in movie clips. All of this eradication of salespeople is keeping costs and carbon footprint down to an absolute minimum.


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  • Posted On June 24, 2011
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