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Physiological and Psychological Concerns Pediatricians Can Handle

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Few people are aware that certain behaviors are affected by the body’s anatomy and chemical components. Happy people appear more beautiful because they may be physically fit, too. If you are somehow irritable or depressive, you might want to consider opting for a healthier diet and regular exercise. The same applies to children, so parents are advised to take tabs on their children’s diet and exercise.

Play is more than just idle distraction from the daily stress children experience at school; it can also be a good form of exercise. It is also a good way for children to develop their social skills. Parents are thus encouraged to network with other parents in their neighborhood to get their children to play together.

Childhood obesity is becoming more and more a cause for concern for parents all over the world. This is because of the prevalence of handheld games, high-fat fast-food “kiddie meals”, and playgrounds equipped with too much safety equipment. Parents are thus encouraged to teach their children healthy lifestyle habits as early as possible and set examples themselves.

Just as being reduced to unemployment or, alternately, monotony in daily work can make adults irritable, so do children experience behavioral problems when they cannot go out and play or socialize. Children who are constantly pressured to do well in school are compelled out of fear rather than healthy competition and pursuit for intellectual development. Although they might please parents and authority figures, they may display social awkwardness or an eventual loss of interest for scholastic excellence. A Portland pediatric practitioner can advise parents in this regard.

Sometimes, consistent notifications from the teacher about a child’s behavior and grades sometimes have more to do with concrete mental developmental disorders rather than a low intellectual capacity. In fact, some people who grow up getting good grades are unable to go to college because their aptitude tests indicate that they are better off taking vocational courses. Thus, in some cases, a Portland pediatrician can diagnose and help parents manage their children’s attention deficit hyperactive disorder or dyslexia, which have physiological causes.

Some behavioral concerns also have more to do with traumatic experiences rather than mental or physical disorders. Children cope with grief differently from adults; they may experience prolonged denial, display regressive behavior, or lose interest in activities that once made them happy. A Portland pediatrician with a background in cancelling can therefore advise parents on how to help their children deal with the loss of a friend, pet, or family member, or even the parents’ divorce.


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