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Finances: Good earnings are indicated in the beginning of 2012. Hard work will pay dividends. This period alternates with a spate of bad run in the sense that money will be spent on unnecessary expenses. There will be no saving worth the name. Again a period of wealth inflow from various quarters follows and Pisceans can make up for their indulgence in extravagance in the previous months. Foreign connections will yield good material gains.

Career: The ear 2012 bodes well for career and profession. Those who are already employed, either in service or in their own business, will get a leg up in their field. Hard work will bring in the desired results. Family members and friends will give sound advice that will go a long way in enhancing the career prospects. The second half of the year brings in new opportunities, which if taken up properly, will enable the <a href=””> PISCES YEARLY HOROSCOPE 2012 </a> to reach the pinnacle of success. This trend will also help the Pisceans to choose what is most suitable for them and to secure their future. In short, success is the mantra 2012 spells for Pisceans.

Health: The year does not bring very good news on the health front for the Pisceans. Problems like fever, gastric trouble, blood disorders and skin ailments will besiege the people with this moon sign. Though not drastic, these problems will produce a sense of insecurity and anxiety about health. Proper medications, food and exercise can reduce many of the problems. These issues should be discussed with family members to gain their support. The year end promises to be better health wise.

Romance: The love life of Pisceans is anything but orderly. Like the two fish representing their moon sign they have a dual approach to love. They are sensual but do not care very much for the feelings of their partners. Their dreamy nature assumes that everything will fall into place on its own, without much effort from their side. The partners of Pisceans have to tune themselves to the Pisceans’ wavelength to form a deep relationship. Romance will develop for those who are single but will not bear fruit unless the Pisces person is ready to bare his heart instead of assuming that love partner understands the Piscean’s feelings.

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