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Planning a Party: Party Themes and How to Plan

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When a daughter nears 15, it’s time to talk about her hopes and dreams for a Quinceanera. This special party should celebrate who she is, her heritage and her family ties. Of course, parents want it to be dignified and formal, while modern girls often want it to be contemporary and informal. With careful planning, a bit of both may work out just fine. As you plan the day, give some thought to quinceanera dresses, quinceanera hairstyles and quincenera themes. Everything must be perfect for that special party.

Quinceanera Themes

Deciding quinceanera themes can seem daunting, but it is often the first step toward planning the entire party. Talk with your daughter about how much money and time can be spent on the arrangements. This helps to narrow the focus. If the place is firm, whether its the country club or the church hall, this will help narrow the focus as well. Then concentrate on the time of year to help pick your theme. Perhaps a color scheme is all that is needed, rather than an elaborate decoration theme. Again, identify location, timing and monetary considerations before finalizing quinceanera themes.

Quinceanera Dresses
Quinceanera dresses may prove a difficult decision if mother and daughter disagree on styles. Daughters often don’t understand many of the customs that define a positive and successful Quinceanera. Teaching them the family tradition can help them understand your choice of Quinceanera dresses. If shopping, rather than sewing, then begin shopping early. Encourage window shopping and online surfing through catalogs. If everyone in the family will be buying dresses, it’s a good idea to coordinate efforts so that styles and colors don’t clash. Make sure that older cousins don’t outshine your daughter on her special day.

Quinceanera Hairstyles

A formal hairstyle seems like the best idea for a formal party. Your daughter should look at prom and wedding styles to see what might be right with her face shape. An upsweep might be perfect for a round face. A chignon might highlight cheekbones. A loose bun might yield an elegant look, especially if flowers are to be worn in the hair. Get out the styling irons, gels and sprays. Experiment together. Help your daughter try out different looks: straight, curly, wavy, s-curves, and bouncy. Try all of these styles up in pony tails or with headbands or barrettes. Take pictures of all of the possible Quinceanera hairstyles. Sometimes it’s easier to reach agreement if she can see what the style will look like in a photo rather than a mirror.

Quinceanera Magic
It isn’t always easy to get Mother and Daughter to agree, but if you work together, the Quinceanera can be magical. Be flexible with the program. Perhaps the formal, traditional music will be first. Perhaps she’ll eventually change clothes into something modern and the music will change as well. Let the Quinceanera magic make her as happy as she should be on the special day!


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