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Planning a Tour to Rome? Make Sure to Have a Rome Travel Guide Along

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Many travellers consider a tour guide not necessary assistance while visiting to any new location. Many just want to enjoy the world on their own. Many rely on books and websites for the needful information while on their way to other place. But there are many who just dispense the sense of hiring a tour guide to save some bucks. This is not a saving though. It in fact is wasting the money you have already spent on your tickets, hotels and everywhere else. This becomes more important if you are going to visit Rome. You must have a Rome guide services. The reason is the Rome is affluently rich with historical stories. Certainly those ruins are themselves the evidences of their grandeur but you might miss the real excitement that oozes from the real stories. Only a Rome travel guide can fill that gap. If you have bought a Rome tour package you must ensure that company is providing a Rome travel guide. If you are on private tour to Rome, you can find a private tour guide there. The only advice is, do have a guide along while visiting Rome.

For example you can sure look at and appreciate the grand Colessium but you may not know that this structure is standing there for more than 2000 years. You may not envisage its importance from architectural point of view that what you know as a modern construction technique; the bricks & the arch, were used in the construction of Collessium that time. If you are not along a tour guide in Rome, you might not know that you should buy a pre-paid ticket to avoid long cue while visiting Colessium.

If you are not accompanied by guide in Rome, you might miss some of the less known monuments that you must see while you are there. Most of these monuments fall on the way to famous ones, but are often ignored by people because of lack of time or knowledge. For example you will be shown St. Peter’s Dome, but you may not know that Pantheon’s is also an ancient Roman temple turned Christian church today. Similarly there are many more monuments that you might come to know of through books and website such as Spanish Steps, Navona Square, Trevi Fountain, Bocca Della Verita, Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, and many more. But there are some least known places which only a tour guide in Rome can tell you about. For example Mussolini’s home and gardens have recently been opened for the visitors. Gay Village is another growing tourist attraction in Estate Romana. There are several parks to visit in Rome. Many of them can be easily identified and reached but there are many good but less popular, such as Parco Gianicolense, which you may not know of if you do not have a good guide along. Thus in order to explore the beautiful places in Rome it is recommended to hire a guide as then only you will be able to extract the most out of your tour. There are many tourist service company online offering Rome guide. You can contact them and compare the price and features of their services. You might even consider hiring a private guide for the purpose after arriving there but it is better if you could find one in advance.


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