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Plastic Cards in Business Use

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Here comes the use of plastic cards which play an important role in carrying out the official work. Plastic cards cover a very wide domain and can be used as Business Cards. Mostly used for displaying the company’s services and contact information.

Let’s talk about little different type of cards:

Gift Cards – These are special sized cards with a prepaid value placed on them either through magnetic striping or bar coding. They are usually used as retail cards which can be initiated at cash desks or check outs.

Promotional Cards – These are typically used for offering special benefits to the users that mainly includes discounts or rewards.

Loyalty Cards – These are also standard sized cards that have offline accounting capabilities e.g. mileage recording or merchandise purchases and are often used as retail frequent user cards offering promotional benefits.

Discount Cards – They offer special discount on the specific amount of purchased products.

Hotel Key Cards – These cards are mostly used for locking and unlocking hotel rooms and suites.

Smart Cards – These cards are offered by banks or are mostly inserted in a product to catch signals.

All the card types stated above can be selected with respect to their functionality and usage.

These cards also come in wide variety of designs and colors. Also by selecting the proper design and color combination they can be made more attractive for the clients and can prove to increase the customer ship of the company. Many printing companies even offer design templates to make the selection easier for the clients and are also available online. The most common designs include the foster card design, translucent card design, clear card design and the gold/silver card design. The edges of the card, if given a unique outlook other than the common sharp-edged outlook can also add beauty to the cards. The production cost for the printing of plastic cards is also very minimal. They are reliable and durable even if they get wet and can be easily carried into pockets or wallets.

The usefulness of these cards can be demonstrated by cards such as rewards cards, point of sale cards, key tags, gift cards, membership cards and loyalty cards. In terms of plastic cards as a promotional item, they are durable, especially the hard PVC material plastic card (think credit card. A professional and quality plastic card can enhance the awareness of the company’s business in a very efficient way, so the printing of the card should not be taken for granted. There are lots of Plastic card companies in the market and selection of a good one is the important task.


Few points to look out for before placing an order

• Always check the history and success rate of the company to ensure quality plastic cards for your company. A company having a sound background and good reputation in the printing is the best option to go for. Many companies are available online that unfortunately grab money and run away, so make sure that the company you are choosing is not one of those companies.

• Choosing a company on the basis of low cost can sometimes prove to be hurtful for your business. Companies that offer low priced packages sometimes don’t deliver timely results and also reduce the printing quality.

• The company you choose should have a product catalog for making the selection process easier for the client. The designs offered by the company must be updated and trendy, because an outdated card is not of much help in promotion of a company’s business.

• The company you choose should also provide environment friendly printing of the cards. It should avoid using those materials that cannot get recycled and can damage the environment.


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  • Posted On August 2, 2012
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