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Plastic surgeon Scottsdale –Look Like Yourself…But Better!

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Hollywood has always tried to give us its ideal standard of beauty, but over the years, have gone a bit too exaggerated and extreme, with its silver screen starlets sporting clown-like trout lips, balloon-size breasts that look like they can float, along with an unproportionately wafer thin waist.  Beauty became something of a comedic topic to trash talk about celebrities in gossip magazines and on morning talk shows.  It is time to break out of the satire image that Hollywood has invented and back to the most organic beauty that nature has created.  Fortunately with the help of a Plastic surgeon Scottsdale you can return to the best kind of beauty: one that looks like yourself but better.  All the services available are designed to not completely mold it into something else, but enhance what Mother Nature has given you.


One of the most important body features that require the most upkeep is the face and skin.  It is the first thing that people see when they meet us, and usually what we are going to be judged on.  So we can bravely and confidently face the world with a smooth, wrinkle-free, complexion.  Some plastic surgery procedures focus on restoring the face back to its younger glory.  


A brow lift is the most subtle but extremely effective procedure in rewinding the clock for women and men’s faces.  As we age, we develop unsightly creases across our foreheads, and our brows drop, creating a harsh demeanor to the face.  A brow lift will straighten the sagging lines and raise the brows to open up and brighten the eye area.  


With age, brown spots and wrinkles are inevitable, but a chemical peel can slowly shed away years of sun and acne damage implemented on the face.  This minimally invasive treatment applies a combination of natural acids, such as Alpha hydroxyl acid or retinoid to the face that will eventually peel away, removing hyper pigmentation and wrinkles in the process.  New skin will emerge and your face will be rejuvenated.  


As gravity continues to pull down our skin as we age, our breasts will start to droop as well.  A plastic surgeon Scottsdale will perform a mastopexy that removes excess breast skin and shift the nipples and areola to a higher position.  This will raise the overall shape and form of the breasts, giving way to a firmer and perkier shape.  


Lastly, one of the most underrated areas on the body that will provide an overall younger figure is a trim and slender tummy.  A tummy tuck Scottsdale surgery will flatten and contour the waist by removing the excess fat and skin.  This process will carve out a sexy, hourglass shape for women and a streamlined, toned look for men.  If you were to choose only one contouring cosmetic procedure that will make the most difference in your body, a tummy tuck will be the perfect choice for you.   


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