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Play Poker From Your Living Room

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If you have wanted to play poker in casino or have struggled to find a way after the US government’s ruling a few years back, then you’re in luck. Now you can play again from your living room, your bedroom or your work with Face Up Gaming. The reason why it’s legal for Americans to play poker online again is because of the web camera based games and the unique way that you play.

You can join other leagues, tournaments and single games with players that you can see on their web camera. This way of playing means you can play poker without any worry of wrong-doing and you can finally play online poker in peace again. You can join up today and start playing instantly.
That’s the beauty about Face Up Gaming is there is no messing around, no hassle, it’s legal and it’s so much fun. You will be shocked to find out that you can play, and see, the professionals that play on the site. As the website was created by famous professional poker players, you can guarantee that it’s going to work well and be a player’s poker site rather than a corporate business way when you play poker.

Play Poker With the Best

To play poker and to get better at the game you should play with people that are seasoned pros and are better than you. It’s the only way you can up your game and get better. That’s why at Face Up Gaming you can join leagues and tournaments to win seats to play the big names in the poker industry.
When you play poker normally, you’re never sure who you’re playing online compared to when you play at a casino. However, it is a hassle playing at a casino as you’re goaded into playing for long periods of time and it suddenly starts to be a pain to play. Poker is fun and it should remain fun, and that’s why Face Up Gaming is different.

If you’re sick of other poker sites that you can’t enter as an American or you want to try out something different that adds the social side of it all, then join Face Up Gaming and play poker.

Play Poker A Different Way

When you play poker you are absorbed by trying to out-fox your opponents. When you normally play online poker it’s a little harder as you can only really use guesswork and your opponents betting habits. However, now you can join Face Up Gaming you can make the most of the web camera as you can see what people are thinking, their facial movements and their betting habits and bet accordingly.

You’ll realize that having this extra information on the players will help you make better decisions and you’ll be more disciplined. However, remember that they are watching you and your habits so you have to be careful in the way you play poker.
If that sounds good to you then come join us at Face Up Gaming and play poker.

Here at Face up gaming we have just launched our reality online poker site and with our revolutionary technology of live streaming audio and video, you see every player and they can see you. You can meet new people free online poker face to face Or you can connect with friends and family on a private table, just like old times. This is as close to live poker as you’ll ever find online!

Once you are here , You will also have access to Game templates that allow you to define the rules for your private password protected tournaments or heads up action : You can set the starting chips stacks, break times , betting rules for you r own private games with your friends and family.
We will see you at the tables and remember to bring your play poker face!!


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  • Posted On August 10, 2012
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