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Poker Cash Games Choosing a Table

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Once you have selected your game limit, you can choose the table where you want to play. You can observe some very interesting aspects, the most important being the number of players per flop.


These pieces of information are important because they tell you things about the type of players present at the table. The higher the percentage mentioned above, the greater are the “calling stations” and the “looser” the players. This is obviously the right table to play at because the number of players is the most important. A table with a percentage of players per flop lower than 20% indicates that the poker players present at the table play very tight and are very suspicious!


Once you have chosen a table to play at, you should watch a few hands just to have a confirmation on whether the players present at the table are loose or tight. See which of them are aggressive and which are not.


Your starting position is also very important. The big advantage of cash games in casinos like UK Casino Club as compared to tournaments is that you can choose your position while in tournaments it is imposed. You should always try to sit to the left of the player you spotted as being the most aggressive because you will have the advantage of a better position over them and know how to counteract the actions of those who impose the rhythm at the table. It is very difficult to play against a very aggressive player because you never know their reaction unless they have a very strong hand. However, if you are sitting to their left and that happens, you are free to attack the aggressor and therefore you can play a wider range of hands.


You should always sit to the left of the player who has the biggest stack in order to have enough time to note the level of aggressiveness of each of the players. It is often better for the one who sets the pace at the table to act before you!


The second advantage of cash games over tournaments at online casinos is that you can change the table or the seat at the table whenever you want! If you cannot choose and there is a free seat at your table, then you can quit the game and sit down in a position you feel more comfortable in.


Similarly, you should not hesitate to leave a table if you find it too difficult to play at or if you do not feel comfortable enough because you will have difficulties in reading your opponents. There are a multitude of tables in cash games, so take advantage of this and choose a position that will bring you more profits!



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