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Polaris RZR 800 issue

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We think Polaris really made a fantastic UTV when it comes to the RZR 800. In fact when we first started hearing about the air box issues we when right to work testing different solutions to keep the dirt out of the air box insuring that no dirt would slip past and into the air intake.

We decided that it would be best to try and filter out the dirt before the air box. We also wanted a system that was extremely low maintance. As we did not want to spend all our free time cleaning mulitple air systems.

After many months of test different products like the K&N filters, we decided that the Donaldson Top Spin air filter was the best all around system. It was easy to install, Zero maintance, and cleans almost all the dirt before it gets sucked down into the air box. 

We would ride for miles behind other UTVs and then stop and check. Everytime there would be barely any dirt. For those who have opened up the air box after a dirty ride…well normally there is a ton of dirt in there.

The Polaris Pre Filter is not only cleaning the air for your air box but it also cleans the air for your belt case as well. Check out the little kit we put together for your Polaris RZR 800

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  • Posted On August 10, 2012
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