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Popular languages and corporate training in the world

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Communication is one of the most critical parts of human life. Language enables people to understand one another and coexist together in a peaceful manner.Language is diverse, with some languages being so different from others to an extend that understanding the language by someone belonging to another language is a total adventure.  English language, originally spoken in England is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is a West Germanic language and widely spoken by most of the England colonized nation. Teaching English in schools as a must subject has contributed to the growth of the language. The total count of the number of speakers, including the native and the non native speakers exceeds that of any other language. Actually, English is ranked as the third most popular native language.

Another widely spoken language is Spanish. Spanish is a native tongue of Spain. It is ranked second in the world native languages, the first being Mandarin Chinese. The language is popular for being a romance language and is also called Castilian, named after Castile, a region in Spain where it originated. Both Spanish and English are among the six official languages of the UN and is the official language of the European Union.

Many international companies are forced to develop their products in such a way that they can be comfortably used by people all over the world. To better such multi-lingual services, they have to offer Firemní výuka (Corporate training) to help workers better their language skills. Worker in international airlines and hotels are best suited if they understand as many languages as possible. They interact with people from all walks of life on their daily life and are best suited if they understood many languages.

French is used as the first language of France and in several other places like Belgium, parts of Canada, and parts of Switzerland. It is a second language in many other parts of the world. Some languages are almost similar to other languages abut are popular in certain places. For instance, Angličtina praha  (English Prague) is a popular slang of English. It originated from Prague, the most beautiful city in Czech. It has however spread to

other places and is still growing. The language is not official but has spread to social media and is popular among the youth. Brno English is a tilted form of English popular in Brno, which is the second largest town in Czech. Brno is however very distinct from the international English in both spoken and written.

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