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Popular London Escort Service

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As many are well aware, women, like most things, come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. Nothing represents this more than a quick online visit to a popular London Escort Service. Amongst the online gaming, shopping and general overload of items on the internet you can find the exact woman you are looking for. After a quick phone around of my friends and colleagues we managed to find a guy willing to chat to me about his experiences with Escort service girls. Tom* a friend of a friend is not really what you would call a ‘typical’ client. He is mild mannered, around early thirties, has a great job and has had his own place for a couple of years now. His last girlfriend was with him for four years before they decided to call it a day because she wanted to travel overseas and he was in the middle of building his career. They still talk every now and then. Tom however does inform me that many of his friends also frequent escort services, that it is completely acceptable and that they have a great time. I get him to describe how everything works.


‘Well, to begin with I have to decide if I really have the energy to entertain. It’s not about the sex, a lot of the time it’s because I don’t want to go to the movies by myself again, or visit a new restaurant alone. A lot of the time it’s because I want a little companionship for the evening. Once I have decided that I want someone I will usually tend to do a quick internet search. I prefer busty blondes, so I will tend to search Busty Escorts and go from there. There are many of them in the city, but I will usually go with a girl I have had before. I’m a gentleman so I will send her a text to say I’m looking forward to seeing her, I’ll book us a table and get them to chill a bottle of bubbles for us. We’ll have a good time and go from there’ Tom really blows away the stereotype of guys who visit busty escorts. He looks completely normal and is actually a really nice guy. A guy that many girl would want to date. However, as Tom points out, the reason he and his friends will visit busty escorts is because they just don’t have time for a real girlfriend. And that there is the whole reason for it. As long as people are time poor and lonely it is always going to be more efficient and time wise to pay someone to date you.

colinnixon is a professional and qualified writer, whose articles include a variety of topics.  With a passion for Independent Busty Escorts, his pieces often feature city guides, and have recently focused on and around the Independent Stratford Escorts.


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