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Positive And Negative Components Of The Sony Vaio EC Notebook

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If you are looking for a new computer, you should know that the Sony Vaio EC Notebook is no different from any other notebook complete with good and bad points. This notebook is a very good product, complete with many benefits that will impress those that use it. The Vaio EC is a cross between a notebook computer with the capabilities of the desktop. This means that if you had to pick only one device to do your computing tasks and go online, the Vaio EC wouldnt be a bad choice. Although it has a few flaws here and there, this is a great notebook computer to have for the following reasons.

If you owned a Sony electronic device before computers were ever available, then you know how reliable their line of products has always been. People looking for a well designed notebook computer by a reputable company were pleased when Sony unveiled their Vaio EC line. EC means economy class and these notebooks were priced much lower than the older Sony PCs. Now, with the price under $800, you can buy your own full-featured Sony Vaio EC Notebook that is capable of replacing of your desktop PC. While you can certainly find cheaper machines, such as bargain priced notebooks, they wont perform at the same level as the Vaio EC series, especially if youre interesting in playing games, watching movies or using multiple applications at once. The Vaio EC Notebook has a good sized chiclet keyboard with a separate number pad on the right hand side. You can also purchase a rubber skin from Sony that will protect the keyboard from dust and random debris. If you are worried about whether or not you will be able to type on this notebook computer, the size of the keyboard is actually large enough that you wont really notice. This laptop also has a very nice touch pad that provides adequate maneuverability on the screen when clicking the icons on the desktop. For anyone used to a desktop, the touchpad is what you use on a notebook instead of a mouse. You should have no problem at all adapting to the Vaio EC, especially if you have never used or owned a laptop before.

While the size of the display on the Vaio EC can be considered one of its best features, it also exposes what some will consider the machines biggest drawback. The excess size of this notebook computer has the obvious drawback of not being an easy unit to carry around all day. If you think it might fit in your laptop case, make sure to measure both the case and the dimensions of the computer before purchasing.

So while its certainly possible to lug the Vaio EC around with you all day, it might get tiresome after a while. Although it may be a notebook computer, the portability factor is really not there so you should probably leave it at home or at work. You just have to make a determination as to whether or not you need a smaller model to make it easier for you to carry around.

Featuring many different capabilities and components, the Sony Vaio EC Notebook is a great bargain for this amount of quality. If you are looking for a lower price for a more technologically advanced notebook, Sony has outdone itself once again. So if you are looking for a computer that can do quite a bit, at a lower price than ever before, you should check out the Vaio EC today.

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