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Post Lap Band Checkups Can Be Carried Out At An Ambulatory Care Clinic

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If you’ve been investigating different surgery-based weight loss methods, you will probably be asking yourself if lap band surgery is a possibility. Here are some basics regarding the lap band to talk about with your surgery team to help you get to the correct decision.

Lap band surgery is not overly invasive, beneficial weight loss treatment

Since the lap band is placed using a laparoscopic process as opposed to open surgery, there’s significantly less pain, a shorter stay in hospital, and a lower risk for complications. The lap band has been shown in many medical studies to be really effective in promoting weight loss.

Lap band recovery is faster than other weight loss surgeries

Since this procedure does not involve slicing organs or making sizeable, open cuts, lap band recovery is significantly swifter than various other methods like gastric bypass. Incisions are small and there is no re-routing of intestines. This reduces the potential for complications. The majority of patients return home the same day of their surgery and go back to work in about a week.

Surgery follow-up is performed in an ambulatory care setting

Follow-up visits and adjustments to the inflation of the lap band are quite easily completed in an ambulatory care site or the doctor’s practice. Changing the band doesn’t need any surgery. It can be inflated or deflated via a small port that rests beneath the skin.

There are very few lap band complications

Even though no surgical procedure is ever without any complications, the lap band has the least amount of complications of all the weight loss surgeries. There is a reduced potential for nutritional deficiencies and no ‘dumping syndrome’ given that no area of the intestines are bypassed. The risk of mortality from having lap band surgery is ten times lower than for gastric bypass surgery and other complications, like reflux, are generally mild and can be treated in an ambulatory care center or at the doctor’s office.

The lap band is adjustable

The band is able to be inflated or deflated as needed to keep weight loss at a solid, safe pace. In exceptional cases were a patient may temporarily need increased nutrition, like during pregnancy, the band may be deflated completely. The band is then able to be inflated again when it is appropriate.

Deciding on the best weight loss surgery can be quite a struggle. Speak to your doctor about all the risks and benefits of lap band surgery to see if it’s the most suitable option for your weight loss.

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