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Practical Brochure Formatting

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Formatting print brochures is a simple enough affair when you think of it. You just need to type up several paragraphs for each panel of your brochure printing. However simple as this may seem though, there are a few practical and useful formatting techniques that you must know so that your brochure printing is a lot more readable and effective. Below are a few practical brochure formatting tips that you might be interested in, to achieve these objectives.

1. Always have a full color graphic at the cover – A standard and practical way to layout your color brochures is to always have a full color graphic on the cover. This is important since this is where you attract people to read your color brochure. So always try to choose a good image to place in that brochure cover. You do not have to cover the whole panel, but it should be large enough that it can be seen from a good distance.

2. Use lists whenever possible – Now, in terms of text, one very practical tip I can give you for formatting custom brochures is to use lists whenever possible. Listing items in brochures help people remember the content for a long time. Since lists are basically an organized form of communicating information, people appreciate reading them more than big blocks of boring paragraphs. So make sure that you use lists whenever it is possible for your content.

3. Use headlines and sub-headlines – It is also practical to format your brochure content with headlines and sub-headlines. This divides your custom brochure content into easy chunks of information that people can read easily. Moreover, with sub-headlines people can actually skip to the crucial information that they want in a brochure. This makes your color brochures easier and more comfortable to read.

4. Use only at most 2 font styles – In terms of font formatting, I recommend that you only use 2 font styles. It is practical to do this in many ways. First, by using a minimal amount of font styles, you save time in designing your brochures since you do not have to switch to a multitude of styles midway in creating your content. Secondly, this also makes the color brochure look more coherent and professional since every sentence, title and headline more or less looks the same. So do not get excited with those different fonts. Use only a few.

5. Use bolds and italics – Finally, if you want to emphasize certain words, sentences and paragraphs, the most practical way to format them is to use the bold and italic feature for text. These features are subtle but noticeable formatting features that can really make text pop-up. This is the professional way to emphasize key chunks of information. So it is only practical that you format your color brochures this way. Leave the wild color changes and text changes to posters.

So that is the practical way to format your custom brochures. Use these tips and your brochure printing should look better as well as be effective at doing its job.

by karen grahams,
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