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PRADA Trembled Blossoms fairy tale theme art video Appreciation

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PRADA “Trembled Blossoms” prada replica handbags video creation began last summer, is one of a series of works of art closely integrated with the fairy tale theme of the Prada 2008 Spring / Summer women’s collection. This series of works of art, including clothing fabric patterns, fashion shows background decorative murals, spring and summer advertising image of the background pattern, and one of the same name, animated short films.

“Trembled Blossoms” is another of cheap replica prada the innovative design of Prada is a tireless experimental works. In the past seven years, Miuccia Prada and Rem – Rem Koolhaas Rem Koolhaas, the Dutch masters of architecture in Rotterdam, think-tanks – AMO, New York design studio 2×4, as well as other designers, artists and programmers who work together in New York, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and the PRADA Epicenter flagship store in Tokyo designed to architectural art as the theme wallpaper, shop background decoration, animation, video and interactive media.

(2×4 design studio designed shop prada online by Miuccia Prada wallpaper series within the New York Museum of Modern Art Architecture and Design Gallery public display.)

The most watched as New York and prada messenger bag Beverly Hills are running the project in this video, Miuccia Prada, charming, dreamy landscape picture shows the idea. These pictures not only can be used as the background environment, can also be used for product fabric design.

After the co-operation of the entire prada messenger bag summer and 2×4 design studio Michael Rock and Sung Kim, they continue to develop many programs, and continue to reject and innovation. Moreover, the design studio 2×4 for the project to hire a young illustrator James Jean from Los Angeles, together for the Epicenter, show creative patterns on walls and clothing fabrics.

Miuccia Prada to Art Nouveau prada replica (the end of the 19th century the rise of a focus on decoration, the natural plant flowers and the theme of the new school of art) and her two favorite artist Aubrey Beradsley, (the 19th century a famous writer, illustrator) and Hieronymus Bosch (famous religious painter of the 16th century), painting as inspiration, James Jean created a series of thematic painting depicts the mood in the colorful like the ancient Roman mythology. The background paintings are currently in New York and Los Angeles exhibition.


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