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PRADA’s Brand

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In 1913, Prada was founded in downtown Milan, cheap designer handbags Italy, the first boutique, designed by founder Mario Prada (Mario Prada), stylish and excellent quality handbags, luggage, leather accessories and cosmetics cases series products obtained from the love and pursuit of the royal family and high society.

Today, this still favored boutiques Lady Dior still in the Italian upper classes of society with the values ??embodied by the high reputation and fame, Prada products has been regarded as extraordinary enjoyment in daily life. In 1978, the long history of well-known brand has been given new elements and vitality. Miuccia (Mario Prada’s granddaughter) and was rich luxury product production experience, Patrizio Bertelli, the establishment of a business partnership. Environmental changes of the 1970s fashion circles, Prada, almost to the verge of bankruptcy.

1978 Miuccia her husband, replica prada handbag Patrizio · Bertelli, took over the Prada and led Prada to move towards a new milestone. Miuccia the served Prada chief architect continue to interpretation of the legend of the challenges and innovative fashion talent through her talent. While Patrizio, Bertelli, one full of creative entrepreneurs, and not only established the the Prada worldwide product distribution channels as well as mass production system, but also skilfully Prada traditional brand concept and modern advanced technology for the perfect combination of .

In fact, Miuccia took over, Prada is prada handbag outlet still a small brand popular in Europe. The intergenerational family, if not a lot of innovation and breakthrough, it is easy to decline. The Miuccia looking for innovative and traditional leather material, and after multiple attempts to use material from the Air Force parachute found in the nylon fabric, lightweight, durable foundation, so the black nylon bag was an instant sensation.

In the 1990s, under the banner of “Less is More” slogan,prada online shop minimalism emerged, the Prada simplicity and with an uniform aesthetic design is just coincide with the trend. In 1993, Prada autumn and winter men’s and men’s series, a moment’s men and women, accessories, has become the pursuit of the best pop simplicity and modern style. The late 1990s, the sports fashion fever, Prada introduced Prada Sport line, both functional and popular design, resulting in a whirlwind. After 20 years of hard work and struggle, brand development and evolution.

By the tacit cooperation of Miuccia sale prada handbags and Patrizio · Bertelli, Prada has grown from a small family business to become the world’s top luxury brands. Today, a total of 166 directly operated by Prada and Miu Miu boutique distribution in the world’s major cities and tourist attractions. The shop is located in Central, Hong Kong, Alexandra House, 170 Prada boutiques. These “light green boutique” with its unique design combines functionality and elegance, perfect to bring out the the Prada excellent product. Recently, the flagship stores of Prada, Epicenters have been established, their unique style, shopping and cultural integration of the new attempt, Prada Group has Prada, Jil Sander,, Church’s, Helmut Lang, Genny and Car Shoe and other prestigious international brands at the same time it also has the exclusive license of the Miu Miu brand. Prada Group under the command processing is governed by the Tuscany region of Italy Prada Spa, the area is recognized as having the most high-end leather goods and footwear manufacturing process and technology. Prada, the product quality requirements for mass production, did not let up, never compromise the quality point of view has become a corporate philosophy of Prada.


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