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Precious Metals for Your Wedding Ring

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Just as a refresher, a wedding band generally is a plain simple band with no designs and carvings on it, save the engravings of the names of the spouses as well as the date of their wedding on the inner surface of the ring. A wedding is replete with symbols, as much as the entire wedding celebration has connotations in every single part. The circular shape, for one, has allegorical properties that the marriage is binding and is for all perpetuity. “What God has joined together let no man put asunder”, is the thing that it’s essentially saying. 

The kind of metal used also has meaning. Supplied by the husband in the bygone times, the metal has to be of precious make as this would determine a man’s capacity to provide for his woman. When you come right down to it, the guy has got to display his fortune with the sort of metal he’ll buy.

What exactly are the contemporary precious metals being utilized these days?


Gold is still as popular as ever. Gold has been utilized for thousands of years by royal family, by the commoners and in the modern age, by pretty much everybody who got married. The gold’s tender quality has made it easy for goldsmiths to design them in all forms. As well as its durability is also some sort of guarantee that it would continue for generations. 18k is definitely the favored gold of choice by Americans and Europeans as it’s less soft as the 24k, that’s too malleable for jewellery. It’s also expensive enough than the 14k to merit a higher social standing. 

The different colors of gold being used today apart from yellow are white and rose. Incorporating alloy on the yellow gold changes the color. 


For a long time, platinum is the vogue for wedding rings and practically any available jewelry. It’s more expensive than gold due to the strength. In contrast to gold it’s solid enough for mounting for diamonds. It is a trend to put in little diamonds on wedding rings to give them more worthiness. 

Currently it’s the most expensive among the precious metals. The reason for this is that it’s not as easily accessible as gold worldwide. Other than that, it requires a very high melting point to be able to shape it. Platinum takes about five to six months to make it finer for jewelry application. Many people have fallen crazy about platinum because of its impressive luster. 


Contrary to public opinion, silver is actually a popular metal for jewelry pieces. Due to its budget it’s typically blended with gold or platinum. Its flexible features in turn make it well-liked by jewelers as it could mount anything from diamonds to pearls to Swarovski. Sterling silver is the most popular silver. It’s 92.5% silver combined with 7.5% copper to give it solidity. 


Among the newest introductions to the jewelry scene is titanium. What makes it stylish is its combination of lightness and durability. It’s not as twinkling as the other metals mentioned previously, however. 


Initially used as a basic alloy, it became trendy due its shimmer that equals platinum. The one thing about palladium is it discolors when soldered.

It’s each and every person’s aspiration to get married. In most cases brides and grooms possess a particular wedding ring in mind already. They’re options on what metal is perfect for your choice. 

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