wholesale designer handbags more and more dazzling, and I understand that I have deserted all winter. Summer is coming. Thick and then the love is just a piece of paper. I changed the desks of the room furnishings, the heart of people believe should be able to change ...I do not know now what attitude through your side." /> Articles.org
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“Precipitation and aesthetic

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Precipitation and wholesale designer handbags aesthetic? “Song Yingjie see this comparison chart and ask. “Proving once again that women are the water this reason, the first reaction of netizens is more precipitation in the region beauty more. But then a closer look, according to the comparison results, but is the highest rainfall areas of beauty and proportion, followed by more rainfall areas. “Dryland beauty?” Careful of the friends asked. The online search for “beauty map” can be found in this chart originally appeared in 2010, but the beginning of the source is difficult to determine. In addition to this chart, the original, accompanied by detailed text analysis. Wen said that the beauty proportion, in accordance with the “looks index, dressed index, charm index” score, the sample of local 16-32 year old local woman, “this table ranking the main basis for around beauty has a number of percentage of the population , but the three major indexes as the ranking is based on the ranking value the beauty of the quantity rather than quality. “from the text analysis can be seen, juicy couture bags  in addition to the natural elements of the looks and charm, the day after tomorrow, dressed in consideration Index. Although this distribution map of credibility are difficult to trace, but the beauty proportional distribution of regional identity of many friends. One soil to support people ah “According to my research, humidity and more solar radiation is relatively weak areas of beauty, because living in such conditions, the skin will be relatively soft white” Heilongjiang’s beauty still more Shanxi beauty, four seasons, the four beauties in Shanxi have two users who have “their own experiences. Expert: sunshine and humidity affect the beauty distribution of the person’s appearance does and geographical relations. “Jiangsu Medical Journal of Aesthetic branch chairman of the Yellow Dragon said, get rid of the population movements of this change factors, the local climate and eating habits affect the the appearance of important factors, the Chengdu-Chongqing region humidity is relatively large water content, so the female skin; northern women grow because adequate lighting, plus eat whole grains, so shapely features open; the southern area of ​​the woman body or face, and more small size of type. “If you sum up the beauty distribution of a higher proportion of the region’s climate Keywords should be light and humidity.” Humidity affect the skin texture, light and diet affect height and facial bones. Jiangxi and Jiangsu actually not the first row. “Users of the thread, there is no lack of the voice in question, while the Yellow Dragon said:” This is not only the authenticity of the map to be verified, but a person is beautiful or not, except by looks and body of the impact of temperament and self-cultivation is also very important, so do not be too concerned about. “But I know I do not really like they say, thencoach handbags on sale the thing thing as prickly as picky. In fact, like me, not much. In addition to class time and d crazy crazy every day, and then enjoy one’s life. No longer the same as before, like to party, like to chat, like the excitement. Today is no longer ambiguous, and any of the boys no longer open their hearts to make friends, and no longer keen to stick your nose in other people.No longer, and the boys call, send SMS, chat should not talk too qq. Today began to cook their own food, drink traditional Chinese medicine, to see a flat to undulating fiction film. I would not care so much about all the same as the previous view, and now as long as a few people like me enough. Although I am still very afraid to know people see the things I write, but when inadvertently know the people you like in your mood, or has a good feeling, as if the feeling is concerned about the stuff,. I think in addition to love skipping home in the bedroom this point, I really was a good girl a good to blame the boy. Although these and you have nothing to do. Although I know a lot of people like you, not missing me; but I like very few people, in addition to no.Warm sun now began more and more dazzling, and I understand that I have deserted all winter. Summer is coming. Thick and then the love is just a piece of paper. I changed the desks of the room furnishings, the heart of people believe should be able to change …I do not know now what attitude through your side. I have a trance an autumn, and repeatedly a winter and spring in an idea how to see. How to turn a blind eye to you.Occasionally think of you, still acheap wholesale designer handbags   bit uncomfortable, but it should also be regarded as the experience of growing up. So, I did not experience these and not much right.This world, a lot of things are unsafe, a lot of things do you think it belongs to you, on the hands, or will disappear, to be snatched away, lost. Therefore, a person, especially a woman must have the ability to live a good life, to have other people can not take away something, it is very important. This can be considered a sense of security. Right.



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