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Premature Ejaculation with Impotence Treatment

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Premature Ejaculation (PE) with impotence treatment is always a hot topic for the discussion. Most of the men or even married couple are facing the premature problem and very keen to find the remedies that can really help him to get rid over this problem. Before moving forward about the remedy of the PE, Lets discuss about this condition. Premature Ejaculation is an inability of men where they put down their weapons before the battle starts, I mean to say that, when men ejaculates with the 2 minutes during the sexual intercourse. On the Other hand when males unable to satisfy their partner’s sexual needs.

It is very embarrassing condition for both male and his partner, when they ejaculates seminal fluids before satisfy t heir partner during the sexual intercourse. All over the world 39 % of males are suffering from the early ejaculation. Impotence is little different from the premature condition, in this condition man unable to get proper erection during the sexual intercourse. This is also very embarrassing condition as compare to PE because in this condition men doesn’t erect due to the low supply of the blood.

In Both condition males feel depression because they failed to fulfill the sexual needs of their partner’s.  Every woman always wants that their partner fulfill their sexual needs, so these condition also embarrassing them.

Cure Both Premature Ejaculation and Impotence Together

Dapoxetine (Super p-force) is an active drug that helps to cure both condition of men premature ejaculation and Impotence. Everyone is thinking about, how it is possible, but it is possible because of its drugs slidenafil citrate 100mg and dapoxetine 60 mg.

It is FDA approved drug and manufactured by Super p-force , this means you can consume this drug without the prescription of the doctor. Its slidenafil citrate ingredient helps men to get harder erection and dapoxetine will help to spend extra time in the bed. This drug not prevents the early ejaculation but it will cure it by delaying the orgasm.

You can purchase the dapoxetine drug at any medical store at your nearest at a very cheap prices, if he is honest. Otherwise, the best option is online, Very safe way to make a cheap deal. You will get discounts up to 50%, if you purchase this drug from the InstantPharmarx dot com.

Remember: - Before the use of this medication always make an appointment with your family doctor. Heart, Diabetes and BP patients never consume this drug without the prescription of a specialist doctor. 


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  • Posted On May 17, 2012
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