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Preventive Dental Work During Pregnancy Is Important

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The time during pregnancy is a joyous occasion during which many physical changes occur. It’s important to take care of the whole body in order to protect mother and baby, and that includes the teeth and gums. The many physical changes that occur can lead to changes in the gums and teeth and regular dental care in South Easton, MA can often prevent small problems from turning into major ones.

During pregnancy, hormone levels radically change and the rise in hormones can cause gum and teeth problems. Progesterone may cause gums to swell, become sensitive and bleed easily. When the gums swell, food can get trapped between the teeth and gums leading to gingivitis or infection. Infections are serious any time of life, but particularly so while pregnant. Infection in the mother can harm the baby.

Preventive dental care provided by the family dentist in South Easton, MA can head off potential infections by keeping the teeth and gum free of plaque. Some women worry about getting dental work done during pregnancy, but the main procedure during which special precautions are needed is when x-rays are taken. The dentist will only take x-rays when absolutely necessary to pinpoint a serious problem, but the mother will wear a leaded vest or apron that covers the abdomen and will also wear a lead covering over the neck to protect the thyroid.

Healthy Diet Before, During and After Pregnancy

Eating a healthy diet should always be a priority whether you are pregnant or not. The same rules apply before, during and after pregnancy in terms of the need for a balanced diet and eating healthy snacks. However, a pregnant woman should be extra diligent about avoiding eating habits that promote tooth decay. Eating foods high in carbohydrates and sugar are converted to acid and that can erode tooth enamel. Following a healthy diet that ensures you protect bones and teeth by including enough calcium is important.

The family dentist in South Easton, MA will want to avoid all dental surgery and dental medications during the pregnancy as much as possible. Live a healthy lifestyle and adhere to a preventive dental care schedule and the chances of needing major dental work during pregnancy are greatly reduced.

Keeping Teeth and Gums Healthy

Regular checkups by the family dentist in South Easton, MA should include cleanings and filling cavities. It is recommended that any non-essential or involved work be done during the second trimester. During the first trimester the baby’s organs are forming. During the third trimester, it’s difficult for many pregnant women to lie on their backs in the dentist chair for an extended period of time.

Keeping your baby healthy during healthy requires concerted effort to keep your body healthy from head to toe. It’s easy to overlook dental care when dealing with the many physical changes that occur in the body. But tooth and gum problems that lead to infection are dangerous for mother and baby.

Preventive dental care in South Easton, MA should not be overlooked. It should be an important component of your pregnancy care plan.

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