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Principles of treatment of skin diseases

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Skin diseases are more prone to Pitta constitution persons, Pitta can overheat because the blood that adversely affects the skin. Diseases in violation of the pigmentation of the skin, such as leucoderma, is usually also represent the state of Pitta, since it is this dosha is responsible for the appearance and skin color.

Among the factors causing a predisposition to skin diseases include poor diet, excessive sour, salty and spicy taste, too heavy, sweet or greasy foods and alcohol, as well as adverse weather conditions and a passion for cosmetics. By their nature, these diseases are similar to boils, carbuncles and other toxic states of the blood, and therefore they are treated similarly.

Herbs can be used both internally and externally. Herbal teas are used for washes, lotions and plasters, and herbal oils are used.

Almost all types of skin rashes help aloe juice. In allergic skin conditions useful cilantro juice. Good and ayurvedic ointment “Turmeric”, especially for the treatment of acne and improve the complexion. It should be noted, however, that some ayurvedic ointment on the basis of turmeric contains many essential oils, including sandalwood, which may cause skin irritation.

Special means for feeding the skin is saffron, which is taken in the form of milk broth (1 g per cup), and ash of pearls (Moti Basma) and powder of pearls.

Sometimes in the process of removing toxins from the body and the heat may experience exacerbation of skin disease, but after a while start to improve. In such cases, unless, of course, no doubt about the diagnosis, treatment should not be prematurely interrupted.

Features of manifestation of skin diseases

Skin diseases, such as Pitt’s apparent redness, swelling, fever, infection, and irritability, which are aggravated by heat and sunlight. External application of oil usually worsens the condition.

Vata skin diseases, such as the skin becomes dry or flaky, itchy, marked abdominal distension and constipation. Soyan deteriorates under the influence of wind and dryness, and the application of heavy oils, especially sesame, brings relief.

Kapha skin disorders, such as accompanied by the appearance of weeping sores, there are blockages, swelling and itching, aggravated by cold and humidity, as well as the use of oils.

Differentiated treatment of skin diseases

Patients with Pitta constitution and for diseases of Pitta-type diet are required, which reduces Pitta. Excluded are foods that can cause allergic reactions: Solanaceae (especially tomatoes), peaches, strawberries, milk products. Useful in coconut milk and cilantro. Avoid exposure to heat and sun. External used coconut oil and aloe juice. When eruptions on the head and neck are useful oil “Brahmi” and “Bringaradzh” and broths of these herbs. Most herbs are effective, improving metabolism, such as clover or burdock. Useful aperient bitter – rhubarb or aloe.

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