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Another form of hyperthyroidism is due to the klebeband bedruckt appearance of a nodule in the thyroid gland that causes excess production of thyroid hormone. The nodule is a benign tumor that develops on a gland, causing growth dimensions.
Another cause for this disease is and thyroiditis, which involves inflammation of the thyroid gland can be caused by a virus or a bacterial infection. In this case, the excess of thyroid hormones from the thyroid gland is shed into the bloodstream, then, can be low hormone levels (hypothyroidism occurs) until the gland is healed.
Iodine overload is a cause of hyperthyroidism, which occurs in patients with nodular goiter, especially the elderly, who are receiving medications that contain iodine or radiological investigations performed with contrast material with high content of iodine. In this case, hyperthyroidism persists until the excess iodine remains in circulation.
Metastatic thyroid cancer is another possible cause of hyperthyroidism.
Hyperthyroidism: Treatment for hyperthyroidism
There are three types of treatment of hyperthyroidism:
A. Synthesis is klebeband bedruckt taking antithyroid treatment that improves symptoms for most patients within one month. These drugs slows secretion of thyroid hormones, thyroid blocking an enzyme.
This treatment should continue for at least one year, during which one third of patients do not klebeband bedruckt record any return of signs.
Adverse effects, extremely rare, is the emergence of pain in the neck or a high fever within six weeks of starting treatment.
Two. Radioiodine treatment is oral oral dose of radioactive iodine to be absorbed by the thyroid. The aim is to reduce its size, but symptoms usually up to six months of starting treatment. Since this treatment reduces thyroid patients will receive drugs to replace the thyroxine that is not secreted by the thyroid.
Three. Surgery (thyroidectomy) involves partial or total thyroid ablation. Risks incurred by patients are impaired vocal cords and parathyroid glands, the latter being four glands located in the neck which function to regulate blood calcium levels.
Following an operation for removal of the thyroid (thyroid removed practically all of the body), it takes a lifetime treatment with levothyroxine to give your body the required amount of thyroid hormones. If the parathyroid glands are removed, the patient must take medications that maintain normal calcium levels.
Hyperthyroidism: diagnosis in hyperthyroidism
Doctor diagnoses based on medical history, a clinical examination and blood tests. Blood tests measure the level of klebeband bedruckt thyroxine and TSH blood. High levels of thyroxine combined with low or no HRT shows the presence of hyperthyroidism.

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