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Promotional Products: Tips for Buying The Promotional items for Your Business

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Do you want your brand name stamped on the minds of your consumers? One way of doing this is using promotional products. Are there other benefits? Yes – a lasting relationship with your client among others.

How do you go about choosing a product that takes on the dual mantle of promoting your business and making your client happy?

Here are a few tips from Ettitude an online business, committed to providing hypo allergenic bamboo products in a quick e-shopping environment.

Cost-effective products

Bamboo promotional towels from Ettitude are ideal. A bamboo kitchen tea towel costs around $10, towel sets around $50 and pure organic single sheets from $70-$80. Why would your clients value these bamboo towels?

First off, they are purely organic. Secondly, the wicking quality of bamboo makes these promotional towels extremely absorbent. These fabrics are known to be anti-bacterial. To your client, this means eliminating needless worry about bacteria breeding on their bath and kitchen towels. Bamboo fabrics are a relatively new entry into the home linen arena. You can say a few words about the exceptional quality of your promo towels as you give them away. You’ll earn the sincere appreciation of your clients.

Promotional Products For Your Employees

Your employees are just as important to your business as your clients. They probably interact with your clients more than you do. They need to know they are appreciated. They’ll love the ‘as soft as a baby’s cheeks’ hand towels from Ettitude. If you are really close to your employees, give those Ettitude bamboo bathrobes with your business logo stamped on them. They’ll welcome the promo items just as much as prospective and existing clients.

As a general rule, a durable article will work best. A bathrobe is an article that is used every day. You can therefore, expect it to making a lasting impression. A well chosen good quality product will reflect on the quality of your business.

Use Your Imagination

Be innovative and resourceful in choosing a promo item. A run of the mill thing, like a shopping bag, will not capture the imagination of your clients. Neither will a promotional product that every other business gives away. You need to decide if there is some sort of a message you want to convey with your unique gifts. An eco-friendly bamboo kitchen towel will convey the message that you care about the environment and your clients.

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