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Prone to cause eye fatigue, wear sunglasses indoors

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Regardless of day or night, to be put on a pair of big sunglasses out the wide, it has almost become a common hobby show business stars, and was many young people trying to copy. Now, eager to wear fashion sunglasses indoors, people who wear sunglasses at night can be seen everywhere. However, ophthalmologists do not agree with this “Star flavor” approach, regardless of where that may damage the eyes to wear sunglasses.
Occasions to wear need to be broken

Sunglasses protect the eyes, although a good tool, but if worn, regardless of where it may, this would be hurt the eyes.

To some people pretending to be cool, even in the room is not Zhaixiamojing. In this regard, experts point out that no matter what kind of sunglasses to wear, wear time should not be too long. Because people are living in the sun, the eyes have adapted to the surrounding environment. Often work outdoors, wear a pair of sunglasses is useful. But indoors, even at night or in the evening still wearing glasses, it will increase the burden on the eyes, but not conducive to eye care.

Choose sunglasses for drivers, experts also proposed that the main points sunglasses and polarized fashion sunglasses mirror two, both of UV, but the former is relatively simply to darken the color, polarizer filter for better sun more suitable for the driver to wear.

In addition, experts also stressed that the choice of sunglasses, you can not blindly re-style, if you choose frames are too wide, heavy, eyelids and cheeks may be on acid, swelling, numbness, and some feel uncomfortable nose, like a cold and not cold. These negative symptoms are the result of wearing large sunglasses and caused heavy


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  • Posted On July 19, 2011
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