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Proper intervention can cure an addict completely

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Prevention of drug or alcohol addiction is just impossible; nobody can stop people from the intake of drugs or alcohol. Govt. of several countries has even taken several steps to prevent people from taking drugs and uprooting the addiction disease from the society, but each one of them has failed. Whenever, the govt. banned any particular drug, the addicts shifted to some other drug which is still legal and available in the market. Many hardcore addicts do not even care about the ban on the drugs; they continue with their addiction as they used to do before. However, there is one way which can be followed to lessen the impact of addiction on human life and that is proper treatment. Proper treatment in any rehab center can cure any person suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. Intervention is a very important step in the addiction treatment process; proper drug intervention or alcohol intervention can cure a person suffering from addiction. Intervention is not any medicinal treatment process; it is completely a psychological way of helping the addicted people get rid of their addiction.

When a person gets addicted to drugs or alcohol, he or she suffers from several problems. Even the near ones of the addicts, who are dependent on that person have to suffer a lot. The addicts generally get detached from the society and family and consider their addiction as their only way of life and their best friend. They cannot even think of anything other than their addiction. The addicted people do not feel their pain and suffering as they do not stay in the condition to understand anything, but the people who are dependent on these addicts have to suffer a lot. The addicted people get fired from their jobs and get isolated from the entire society. However, since the addicts do not stay in the condition to help themselves to get themselves out of the addiction, the close people of the addicted person should take necessary steps. They should hire any professional to perform an effective drug or alcohol intervention.

In the intervention process, the addicted people are made to realize about their mistakes, their responsibility on the whole family and many more. This intervention process takes a long time and if the professionals can carry on the process properly, they can get success in bringing back the addicted person in the mainstream life. However, the intervention process does not help much when the addicted person is a hardcore one. No such psychological influence can help them get out of their addiction as they stay out of their minds all the time. In such cases, treatment in any addiction treatment center becomes a necessity. Without proper treatment in any drug or alcohol rehab center, the addicted people cannot get cured and get back to their normal life. But, people should always try the intervention process first as treatment in a rehab center costs a huge amount of money and takes a long time. The families of any addicted person cannot bear such huge cost.


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  • Posted On June 5, 2010
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