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Prophase finishes and metaphase begins

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As prophase finishes and metaphase begins, the rope-like microtubules connect to the kinectochores on each side of the chromosome, so that they can later pull them apart. The chromosomes align themselves with the spindle apparatus, which is spread around the cell like the vertical lines on a globe. The soon to be divided chromosomes are symmetrically positioned on the metaphase plate, which is essentially the equator of the parent cell. At the end of metaphase, each chromosome has microtubules connected to both of its halves, and they are lined up in a straight line along the equator of the cell.

Once the chromosomes get lined up properly, the spindle apparatus immediately pulls the two identical DNA halves apart from one another and moves them to opposite sides of the cell. These two sets of chromosomes will develop into the nuclei of two daughter cells which are perfectly identical to each other and the parent cell.

After the chromosomes arrive at the ends of the cell, they start to uncoil and spread out again, as they were before they formed into Xs. This is basically the opposite of the beginning of prophase. While this happens, the spindle apparatus is broken down. After that, the nuclear membrane, which encases the nucleus, forms again around the chromosomes, unless it never dissolved in the first place, as in closed mitosis. Although this is the last phase, cell division is not complete until cytokinesis happens.

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