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Pros and Cons of Hotel Wedding Receptions

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A reception is an important event after your marriage has taken place. The venue for reception

is of great importance. The location will definitely set the tone, make you figure out your menu and also determine the cost you will incur. Hotels are the most obvious choice today as reception sites and here is a close look at the pros and cons of hosting your reception at a hotel.

So let’s look at the first pro, which is that the reception becomes easy to plan. The hotel will have all the linen, china, tables, chairs, cutlery and the food that you need along ‘with the mostbeautiful setting and décor. Some hotels will have great chandeliers if you are in your bright conspicuous bridal wear or a ballroom gown in case it’s a Christian wedding. You also do not need to worry about any rentals so it makes your planning much easier.

Con: One main con would be that you can`t personalize the wedding. You do not have much control over the décor or the menu and also the timing of the wedding reception. It is also true that the menu options will be limited because you have to use the catering services of the hotel restaurant and this would also be pretty predictable. So this may not be a good option if food is your priority area. A bride looking for minute handcrafted details may also not be in much favor of this arrangement.

Pro: Another pro is that it would be very convenient. This is both for you and your guests. After the occasion the wedded couple can straight away go to the honeymooner`s suite and the guests can lounge around in the bar if they plan to stay on longer. Sometimes the parents of the couple, on either side rent out a suite for a later-on party get together..You could also stop some of your guests worrying about drinking and driving by reserving rooms for them if they want to stay the night in that case. In the morning a lovely brunch can be organized like a post-wedding celebration. Some hotels even run a shuttle service for guests visiting from other towns.

Con: Sometimes Multiple Weddings are going on at the hotel. This can be a distraction to your intimate affair. You might hear music coming from there or bump into a neighboring bride in the ladies` room or have guests from another party wander into yours. Then there is the notice board in the lobby which puts your event as just one of them taking away its specialness and uniqueness.

Pro: There is also the Experienced Staff that the hotel provides you with. The reception will run smoothly without any hindrance with every step of the way paved by these gallant soldiers of the hotel who are polite and homely.

Con: It is also true that less personal attention is given by the co-coordinators as they have so many such events going on all the time A bride who wants co-ordination in every detail of her celebrations may not get what she is looking for at a hotel. It works best if you`d rather have

your feet up in the bathtub and let the hotel run your reception without a singular hitch.

So here was a brief overview of the pros and cons regarding a hotel wedding reception.


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