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How to Add SEO Friendly Features in Your Website with PSD to HTML/XHTML Conversion

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PSD to HTML conversion is one of the most tried and tested formulas of achieving a robust website. This allows you to achieve high levels of functionality in a website coupled with distinctive look. PSD to XHTML conversion also ensures that your website is compatible with different browsers which add to your brand value and traffic. However for web developers SEO friendliness is the most sought after thing when it comes to developing a PSD to XHTML website. In a market scenario where bulk of the traffic comes through the search engine making a SEO friendly website is a prized possession. Here are a few things which you should keep in mind while developing your website to make it SEO friendly.

1. Semantic Coding - When you convert PSD to HTML make sure you hand code it using semantic coding technique. In this step all the different elements of the website are defined which makes it easy for the search engine crawlers to identify your website and index it. This also makes the website friendly towards the speech based browsers for the visually impaired.

2. WC3 Validation - Once you have converted PSD to HTML/XHTML it is very important that your code undergoes W3C validation. This validation helps in spotting the errors in the code and rectifying them. Clean coding attracts search engine spiders which index your website high on the results pages thereby increasing the popularity of your website.

3. PSD to CSS - Cascading Style Sheet plays a very important role in making a website friendly towards the search engines. When you convert PSD to CSS it adds to the uniformity to the website in terms of fonts, color scheme etc. CSS file also reduces the time the website takes to load on a web browser attracting the search engine crawlers.

4. Meta Data - The keywords and the description for each and every page should be well defined as this attracts the search engine crawlers. The keywords and the description should be directly related to the website. Avoid keywords spamming as this can have adverse effects on the performance of your website.

5. Friendly URLs - URLs play a very important role in deciding the search engine friendliness. A short and relevant URL is the best URL. The user and the search engine should be able to identify the content of your page seeing the URL. Also make sure there aren’t too many sub-indexes as this hurts the performance of your website.

For high quality PSD to XHTML conversion you need to hire the services of a web development firm which has proven track record of developing customized website. They should have skills in hand coding the website as auto generated coding tends to reduce the performance levels of the website. PSD to CSS should be implemented carefully as this play a pivotal role to make a website succeed. Take a look at the portfolio of the web development company as this will give you an insight into the level of knowledge and expertise that they have.


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