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PSD to XHTML : How to Choose the Right Firm

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Converting PSD to XHTML will work wonders for your website. You will find that your website is more user-friendly. The conversion will ensure that your website will be compatible to multiple browsers and therefore able to load for a wider variety of users. Internet users will also find it easier to load your website. Converting your PSD to XHTML may just be what your website needs to kick start its journey to success.

If you have decided to covert PSD to XHTML you will need to ensure that you get a professional firm to do the conversion for you. There are various firms in the market today owing to the popularity of the conversion and the increase in demand for these services. All the firms advertising their services promise to offer you the best services. However, not all firms are to be trusted. Some firms may not offer you the quality that you desire. The following tips will help you choose a suitable firm.

When choosing a company for PSD to XHTML conversion, it is important to ensure that you carry out thorough research on more than one firm. You need to select at least five firms and gather more information about them. You can visit their websites to find out about the services they offer and the packages available. Browse the Internet for any news about the firms. Compare their packages and services to narrow down your list.

It is important to choose a company that is flexible. This means that the company should be able to offer you a variety of codes. They should be able to provide a wide variety of codes and classes to allow for easy modification and to allow for changes at your convenience.

Quality is one of the foremost features you will be seeking for PSD to XHTML conversion. You should therefore, ensure that you hire a company that will provide you with quality conversion. Quality is usually achieved through manual coding. Many conversion services therefore offer manual coding services. However, you can always tell the quality of these services by checking on the quality of the coding of the firm’s own website. Their website should have valid markups for XHTML/ HTML/CSS and other coding.

You should ensure that you choose a firm that is able to provide a website that is compatible to varying browsers. You can ask them to provide you with a sample website or even test their own website. Open the websites on different browsers and check on how they load. The websites should load easily and should appear the same in the different browsers. This is a mark of an expert PSD to XHTML slicer.

It is important to ensure that there is a guarantee alongside the services. Reliable slicers will be willing to provide you with a money back guarantee in case of a default. This ensures that the providers will not make big promises that they cannot fulfill. Ensure that they are willing to place their money where their mouth is.

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