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Puerto Vallarta – A fishing paradise

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Puerto Vallarta is known as the paradise for the fishing enthusiasts in Mexico. It hosts more than three million visitors from all over the world. You can really have a wonderful experience in Puerto Vallarta when you go there for fishing.

This place has got plenty of beautiful and exciting species of fish, which makes it an entirely unique experience. There are excellent facilities available for deep sea fishing as well. The famous, beautiful and cheerful weather of Puerto Vallarta makes fishing a more enjoyable activity all throughout the year.

The Bandera’s Bay located on the Puerto Vallarta is also home to plenty of fished that will simple mesmerize you with their little cute antic and breathtaking beauties. In short, these will enthrall and interest anybody who is enthusiastic and interested about fishing, right from the beginners to the experienced ones.

The superb weather at Puerto Vallarta is a major fun. It comes as a blessing for their nature and is pleasant all the time. Unlike some other parts of the world, Puerto Vallarta does not have extremely hot summers and frozen winters. The tropical weather of this place makes it ideal for fishing. The nights are even better with temperature falling to few degrees.

In terms of fish species, Puerto Vallarta also boasts of having a large variety. Large tuna fish is the most common species found in waters of Puerto Vallarta. The Dorado and Marlin are some other popular fishes of this region. In winters, you will find lot of sailfishes. Even a small glance of the deep waters of this region will give you a glimpse of superb aquatic life of Puerto Vallarta. The season plays an important role in determining your fishing schedule in Puerto Vallarta. In different seasons you will come across different varieties of fishes.

Though fishing goes on in Puerto Vallarta is almost all the year round, however the most prevalent fish i.e. large tuna is found mainly from June to February. During spring and summer season, you can fish for blue, black and striped marlin. You will also be able to bait these fish during major part of the year with months from March to May being an exception.

There are many fishing expeditions and charters to Puerto Vallarta. Everyday there are trips leaving which accommodate a numbers of anglers. Majority of these excursions are inclusive of facilities like dining, drinks, transportation, sightseeing etc. It is preferred that you find out with the charter company that you are dealing with about their various packages.

The normal tip for a fishing charter is around 12-15% % of the actual cost. Generally you have to pay the amount with the local currency. Besides, many service providers accept the payments in US dollars also. Apart from fishing in this beautiful place, you can also sunbathe on some of the spectacular beaches of Bandera’s Bay which stretches more than 25 miles.

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