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Purchase a Corporate Messenger for Business Communication.

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Instant messenger plays an important role in today’s communication. Most public Instant messaging offers powerful and rich characteristics and very easy to use, the most important thing is they are free. However for business communication, security and stability will come first. So why not to set-up and manage your individual Instant Messaging network by selecting a corporate instant messenger. Let’s take a look at the things which a corporate messenger are able to do for you but a public Instant messaging can’t.Firstly, different to most public messenger, a corporate messaging network guarantees the security of sensitive data transported throughout chat. Whole communication is secured with strong encoding algorithms, guaranteeing all incoming and outgoing message transmitted throughout the network impossible to intercept. Communication is purely limited with your business, eliminates the potential risk of virus infections. And the message history is stored in a centralized server inside your company. Secondly, for the contact list on the corporate messenger interface, the easiest way is always to see your staff ordered follow the rule of their actual job title in the company, like Amy will be displayed in the Sales department under New York branch in a tree level.Additionally, a lot of the corporate messenger can integrate with Windows Active Directory, and that means you can import accounts by Organizational Units (OU) or by Groups or by particular users from AD rather than manually create them again. Thirdly, being a business-level messenger, it assured message delivery and reading, even offline message or off-line file transfer. Also you can send immediate announcements or broadcast to all or any employees in real time, just within the similar way as Windows net send command.Most corporate messenger have an overabundance creative features to enhance the productiveness of office communication like conference; whiteboard; custom auto-reply message when you are unavailable at the desk; remote one’s desktop to present technical support instantly; plus some tiny but useful feature like exchange a whole folder which provided by BigAnt office messenger.BigAnt Office Messenger using Client/Server architecture. The Big Ant Server has the Active Directory Import Wizard that enables you to import user accounts from the Active Directory (LDAP) catalog by Organizational Units or/and Groups criteria. AD authentication is optional, and new added users will be synchronized in real time. Administrator can assign who are able to talk to the CEO or supervisor using the Role settings on BigAnt console, you can even control whether users are permitted to send file, start meeting, video chat etc.BigAnt console centralized stores history message and file transfer records on a centralized company server. Administrator can view/search/print/delete history message for record needs. Strong encryption makes communication and data transfer more secure.The BigAnt client supports Windows xp, vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X. Clients can send instant and offline message to contact(s) from anywhere, track your message was read or not yet. All messages is going to be logged on both client computer and IM server; you can search with inquiry conditions and print your dialog in a single click. Conference and broadcast message modes are offered. Other originative features including remote desktop, send file and folder, customise presence status and set quick reply message.Forth, corporate messaging solution supplier provides reliable and effective customer support service, which means any issue or enquiry you may have is going to be resolved speedily.


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  • Posted On August 2, 2012
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