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Pure of Voice vs Battle Presense gw2 gold

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Q:I can’t really decide which one would be more valuable. I’m definitely going shouts, possibly even 3.

With the shortened duration (when fixed), I can be shouting an awful lot. Then again, I can be healing an awful lot considering I will also be going absolute resolve.

So to make my choice easier, I have a couple of questions…

1 – Does Pure of Voice work on yourself also? It just says allies.

2 – Does Absolute Resolve strip 3 conditions from allies as well as yourself?


A:1 – Yes
2 – Just Yourself.

If your going to pick up Battle Presence you pick up Absolute Resolve which means you need a 30/20 investment which is a lot and pushes you towards Support.

That’s fine for WvW/PvE but not for Spvp

In WvW and Spvp, Absolute Resolve is usually a must, as it’s a great condition removal without taking up a utility slot.

The best condition removals for guardians are:

Rune of Soldier x6 (Group)
Absolute Resolve
Inscribe Insignet
Signet of Resolve

Pure of Voice is good, but against most Necro’s, they will Corrupt boon protection or you will be sitting on a well and get that condition > boon back into a condition.

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So basically, it’s food for fodder. Nor is 30 into Valor a good idea unless your going for Battle Presence/Absolute Resolve.

Pure of Voice is not an optimal trait unless your trying to build a support condition removal build for WvW or PvE. 


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