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PVP System is the Flaw for the Loss of CTM Players of Warcraft

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Why the big disaster of World of Warcraft expansion pack to the loss of a large number of players, players that mainly due to the PVP system design, he analysis crux and made a number of recommendations for improvement to Blizzard.

Points are as follows:

1. The player cannot find a good comrade, often have nothing to do after copies of weeks on-line, PVP sought-after position nanny, not to see in the wild, clan nurturing …

2. PVE, PVP, lunch, a novice will be able to get some good equipment.

3. Individual career is over. If all mage in the arena, there are not something new sense of professional portfolio, fight to call is a few Master. Naturally tired … all occupational back to the blood capacity is too strong, resulting in the loss of occupational characteristics.

4. Level gap attributes is too large. If you 378 levels of equipment, fight with 390 players, the kind of gap is really big, not the technology can cover up. 403 grade version update tomorrow. They need to brush. The body is garbage which needs to decompose!

5. Arena lost its significance. First, the prize is nothing more than Gladiator Long + titles, others are meaningless. As you know, spend 5000G can have 310% of the speed Long. Arena Dragon only leaves rarity. In addition to Phoenix, Gladiator Dragon is 310% in the past. Now it is not nice r than 120RMB arowana in store. Besides, the title, a variety of white think Gladiator is what. Destroyer Terminator is ok, but is five words of the title.

Talk about the arena equipment, remembered when the arena was just getting, the trading channels that are highly prosperity and everyone is motivated. I do not understand why the BLZ canceled arena equipped with a classification system which reflects the level of technology.

6. The failure of the battlefield design, random reward good.

7. The demise of the world PVP, in addition to leveling, everyday. The players already cannot think out any reason to stay in the field for.

Expert recommendations:

People fighting is fun, there is now a DOTA class online game called Hero Alliance, you can get some advice from it.

1. The first of the above: I think Blizzard have the ability to create an inter-service random PVP system. Establish a PVP cross-service recruitment system and chat platforms in the game, each serving players in which you can find the comrades of his mind!

2. For a variety of PVP, PVE cannot lunch. Reduce a variety phenomenon of lunch.

3. Increase the diversification of occupational characteristics; do not allow certain occupation is too strong or too weak, which leading to fill a career.

4. The increase in PVP rewards, pay attention to the arena significance, re-equipment classification system and cancel the season, matching the regression previous season system of S4. Do not bother you PVE is good, if playing less than the desired level, you cannot replace equipment. Lifting the phenomenon of the present generation of brush technically, fair and competitive.

5. Battlefield innovative, design more similar to the ancient beach, destroyed, summon, infantry, siege machinery, aircraft, summon hero to assist in the win, rather than entirely rely on the players combat effectiveness.

6. Do not let the big one-world scenery so good; players need a field of PVP.



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