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Pyrite Beads Jewelry – A Perfect Gift for All Occasions for Your Loved Ones

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Making jewelry as a gift for someone you love is a wonderful idea.  A gift crafted by you would express your affection like nothing else could. You could express your artistic flair and also make personalized and unique jewelry. Coin beads are commonly used in making traditional jewelry, and using them to highlight your jewelry would set your friend apart. The internet has numerous examples of hand crafted jewelry and the materials and tools required.

Points to Keep in Mind when Making Jewelry

  • First and foremost keep in mind the person you are making the jewelry for. If the person is big made, something chunky is called for while something more delicate like amethyst quartz would be preferred by a petite person. 
  • Think of what jewelry your loved one wears. Think of the colours, size, the kind of pieces. Use this as a yardstick when making jewelry.
  • What is your friend’s personality. Something big and bold would not suit a background person.
  • Think of your friends favorite colours and chose your beads accordingly.
  • Look at various jewelry designs and choose something for which you have the tools and something that is within your level of expertise. Don’t pick something very complicated and end up making a mess.
  • Availability of the beads is a crucial factor. Work backwards, first check what stones and beads are available and then make your choice of pattern according to that.

Pyrite Beads in Jewelry

Pyrite, which is a disulfide of iron appears in different forms in its natural state. It is found in nodules or masses of tiny crystals or cubes or even flat discs. Pyrite beads were used in jewelry made by the Incas, Romans and Greeks. Today you could use pyrite to make fashion jewelry.  If you are using pyrite, remember that it is said to help transform thought into intelligent action and is said to increase stamina and stimulate the intellect.

Citrine Quartz in Jewelry

Quartz is a semi-precious mineral you could use to make jewelry. Citrine quartz is greenish-yellow in colour – rather like a lemon.  It is a cooling and light colour, so if your loved one is not one for bright vibrant colours, gently coloured citrine quartz would be appealing.  This is a soft stone that is not very clear and rather opaque. You could string it together to make a pretty necklace or bracelet or you could even use it to make light dangling earings.


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