Today businesses operate very differently compared to how they functioned thirty years from now. Earlier most of the business activity took place manually, everything thing was noted down on paper with a pen. Every office had files and large stocks of paperwork keeping a record of the business activities. This posed two problems; firstly in the case of a disaster all the data was lost. If a fire had occurred then all the files would burn. Secondly, keeping track of information was very troublesome and chaotic.

A lot of space was required in the office to store the files and several assistants needed to be hired to retrieve the information from the bulk of files effectively. To avoid all these kinds of problems the use of computer became more and more abundant in the businesses enterprises. Use of computers provided efficiency to the businesses operations as well as remarkably improved performance. However, even the use of computers did not fully eliminate the probability of data loss. With the use of computers the nature of the disaster became more technical than physical, for instance viruses and online hackers.

In this technological era, business enterprises have overcome this problem with the help of backup storage technology. The most widely used backup technology is Linear Tape Open format. The creators of Linear Tape Open Technology are Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Seagate. When three biggest names of the Information Technology industry combined to create something, it had to be the best of the best.The most recent generation, that is, the fifth generation of Linear Tape Open Technology was introduced in the year 2010. One of the fastest selling brands of Linear Tape Open Technology is Quantum LTO 5 tape.

The storage capacity and processing speed of its MR-L5MQN-01, LTO5 tape are overwhelmingly impressive. The native data storage capacity is 1500 GB; the tape also possesses the ability to compress data which increases its storage capacity by the ratio 2:1. With compression, Quantum LTO 5 tape can store 3000 GB of data. The processing speed of the tape is matched by its storage capacity, which is, 1 Terabyte per hour.

When Quantum LTO 5 ultrium tape system is installed in an IT environment, the chances of data loss not only are minimized but they become negligible. Other than excelling at the basic features, Quantum LTO 5 tape goes out of the way to satisfy its customers. The tape media system comes with an inbuilt encryption feature. When the data files are backed up on the tape cartridge, the data it is encrypted. This feature enables businesses to attain the highest levels of security without spending any extra money on additional hardware or software.

To further protect the data Quantum LTO 5 tape format also comes with the WORM (Write Once Read Many) feature. The WORM feature hedges the important business data completely from problems like intrusion and tampering. The data is entered in the tape only once and after that it cannot be edited or changed, ensuring the safety of the data.

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