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Queen Anne Seattle Real Estate

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Located in Seattle, Queen Anne is found on the highest hill in the Seattle area. This area is bordered by the Beltown to the South, Lake Union to the East, the Lake Washington Ship Canal to the North and Magnolia to the West. The area history in terms of architecture is evidenced by the areas name which is derived from the architecture used in many early homes. The areas uncharacteristic majority young adult population has meant that there is an influx in the number of mansion available on the market. Queen Anne Seattle real estate is therefore picking up of late.

A classic house in the Queen Anne Seattle real estate valued at $1,760,000 which is located at19 Prospect St, Seattle. The prime real estate built in 1906 is still a surviving reminder of the early architecture, featuring 4125 square feet of lot size and 4820 of home size. The house has no beds or baths. The price may seem steep but considering the architecture and finishing it is well worth it. Another classic real estate hot property is the 1908 valued at $75,000 and located at 22 John St, Unit 2, Seattle. A key consideration in going for a classic real estate property is that you will have to pay through the nose to own one; this is because property appreciates over time.

For the modern property you may want to consider the $415,000 found at 1910 11th Ave W, Unit A, Seattle. The prime real estate features two beds and two full baths, this is quite a deal. The home size is relatively large coming in at a mere 1,221 square feet. The lot size is even more impressive measuring in at 1,144 square feet. The modern architecture will be a breath of fresh air for the proposed buyer of Queen Anne Seattle real estate.

In case you want a house that is relatively aged for Queen Anne Seattle real estate then go for the houses mainly built in the fifties to seventies. One such real estate valued at $209,000 located at 216 Aloha St, Unit 102, Seattle. The integral features of the house include the one bed and one full bath. The home size is relatively small measuring in at a mere 750 square feet. Another alternative would be the real estate valued at $685,000 found 3251 12th Ave W, Seattle with 3 beds and a full and part bath. The home size measures at 2100 square feet and the lot size is 6000 square feet. The year it was built is 1951.

<a href=””>Queen Anne  Seattle real estate</a>Photo of 3251 12th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119 (MLS # 372963)


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