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Quite A Bit Of Things That Google Seek Out When Deciding Where Websites Should Be Listed!

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These days, the American dream isn’t quite what it was years ago. You know, years ago, consumers used to dream of owning property and simply making enough cash to keep it sustained. However, these days, consumers demand more! These days, Americans dream of the ability not to only own a home and make enough cash to sustain it, consumers these days dream of having the ability to work from home. Many people look to the internet as a way to work from home. However, Americans don’t make any cash if other Americans can’t find their websites. Therefore, it’s important for people to know what Google looks for when they market their websites. Here are a few factors that Americans should pay close attention to when it comes to optimizing their websites:

Factor #1: Title And Meta Tags: The first thing that Google looks for when deciding which websites will be shown to consumers through their search engine is the title and meta tags. As a matter of fact, a couple of these tags appear directly in the listing for the site they where found on. For example, when Americans update their title tag, they will notice that the title link on Google for their sites has been updated as well. This is the same for meta description tags that consumers put on their websites.

Factor #2: Content: Next, when consumers use sites as a way to make cash online, a big factor is content. Content is what the internet is all about! The content is the information that a website gives consumers so, it’s of course the most important factor associated with sites. The truth is, if people write content today for their sites, chances are, in a few months, that content will be outdated and Google knows this. Therefore, consumers who update the content on their websites often, daily if possible will notice better placements in Google and the other major search engines!

Factor #3: Links: Finally, although this part isn’t found directly on sites owned by people, it is important that there are a good amount of links linking into the websites that people would like to be found on Google. In Google’s eyes, each link pointing to a website counts as a vote for that site. The more votes Americans are able to obtain for their sites, the higher their sites will rank in Google. Some of the best ways for Americans to build links to their sites are article marketing, answering questions in forum websites and socializing on social networking websites!

Although, these are the 3 most important factors as far as Google is considered when it comes to websites, they are not the only factors that are important. The truth is, no one knows all the factors that Google uses to decide rankings. However, I have found that when I took care of all 3 of these factors, my website did much better. For more information on this topic, please feel free to click one of the links below!

This article was written by the proud owner, founder and marketer for many leading websites! Here are a couple of links that I think you may be interested in…

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