Quizzing in India is quite popular, and has developed its own, unique flavor. Quizzing in India is different from American and British quizzing in that it is diverse, with different genres catering to different geographical regions, age groups, interests, etc. Knowledge – is the only factor that is dominant over all other factors in one’s personality. History remembers only those who contribute to knowledge and achieve extra ordinary things in life. The general nature of competitions is to complete-to survive and to achieve victory. A good Quiz Master attempts to widen the participant’s horizon in all possible fields and enhances their spheres of knowledge. Akash Gautam is India’s most re freshening Quiz master with a modern flair. He combines entertainment with quizzing; something which is being done for the first time. Akash Gautam as a Quiz Master has been invited to host India’s top Quizzes. Tycoons – an inter college management quiz was telecasted LIVE on Zee News in 2008. St Xaviers College, Kolkata invited Akash Gautam as Quiz Master to host the finals of INSIGNIA – their management quiz. Top colleges of India participated in that Quiz.

Akash Gautam as a Quiz Master enraptured the audience with his deeply researched content and most importantly his wit. The audience were laughing all through the 2 hour quiz ; while they whacked their brains along ; as some really intriguing questions came from Akash Gautam. Just as the human curiosity, to know more and more – so is it Akash Gautam- the Quiz Master’s attempt to satisfy and fulfill you desire for quizful learning. Akash has a back end team which prepares content for him. He himself prepares a majority of his questions. This helps him in keeping abreast of the latest trivia floating around. Akash Gautam known for his distinctive style of quizzing, his sense of humour and his approachable nature has won several accolades.
Akash went on an edu-biking trip…instead of the perfect communion between the man, the motorcycle and the road; the communion was between him, trainees and aspirations…that was the solitary pursuit…lives got built…there was suddenly more meaning in life for so many people…the world became a better place…this gentleman brings an infatuating cocktail of dreams, motivation, counselling and content…it becomes compelling…addictive too”; says Dipanjan Das , Sr Vice President, CL Educate Pvt Ltd.

Akash as a person is replete with panache & enthusiasm. He relays the same passion when he is interacting with the audience in a training / event. His ability to enthuse, inspire & involve people during the course of delivery is magnificent. The hallmark of his presentations/ Quiz mastring is ‘simplicity’ coupled with ‘practicality’; which augers for universal acceptance. It is a pleasure having him deliver something very very special every time he comes to Jharkhand; says Santosh Kumar ; CEO Envista Education Pvt Ltd


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