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Radiation glasses?

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The eyes are the cheap oakley sunglasses most vulnerable organ in the human body, modern society with the development of science and technology, more and more technology products in people’s lives, computers, televisions, mobile phones … these technology products in bring our convenient life also brought us difficult to detect electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic radiation has become one of the pathogenic source of harm to human health, have done great harm to the human body. Especially the working people a long time in front of the computer work, human cells, genes will be subject to interference and damage, so often he was tired, rough skin, dry facial hair yellow, dry eyes, fatigue, easy tears,oakley sunglasses eye fine lines changed and more! The harmful rays of the sun and ultraviolet radiation radiation radiation are endangering the health of our eyes. So, what measures to radiation, to avoid radiation damage to the eyes? Radiation on the market glasses useful?

Radiation protection glasses in a glasses lens processing, adding a number of compound substances and paste the relevant radiation protection film on the lenses. Because computers and other radiation is caused by electromagnetic waves, in general, the electromagnetic wave amplitude and wavelength. Compound medium of the optical radiation and radiation protection film to take advantage of this principle, so that the lens front and rear surfaces of different wavelengths of electromagnetic waves interfere with each other to eliminate some of the radiation. Our eyes are vulnerable,discount oakley sunglasses and bring radiation glasses effective eye protection measures.

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  • Posted On April 13, 2012
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