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Rankbyte Link Building Services: Connecting Websites

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People like clicking on links; that’s how they find new things on the web. This is why a website needs

links (to it) on other websites. So how do you get other sites to post links to your site? Well, if a

visitor finds something worth sharing or referencing on your site, they may add a link on their own site,

post or comment back to your site. But that’s not a sure thing. What’s a sure thing? Link building; it is

the practice of creating links to your website.

They say that “no man is an island”. Similarly, a website shouldn’t really exist by itself.  Websites are

after all, created by people and people have an innate need to connect. That need is reflected on

websites; hence, links and maybe the idea behind the “web” part of WWW.

Links are not limited to connecting web pages on a website. They also connect websites to other websites. 

Links are the relationships between websites. A website can get new visitors because those visitors were

on another site and clicked on a link to that website. In fact, a website can get a sudden influx of

traffic if it has a link on a popular, frequently visited site.

Let’s face it, as much as you’d like to think that your website can stand on its own, that interested

visitors would link back to your site, that people will find your site no matter what, with no effort or

promotion from you whatsoever, you and your website need a little help.

One of the simpler ways of getting an incoming link is to contact the webmaster of another website (a

website of something related but not a rival to your site) and request to post a link to your site and

offer to reciprocate and post a link to their site.

Aside from that, you can join directories. You get a link to your site but you don’t need to post a link

to their site. Being listed on directories, search engines can find your site faster.  Just be mindful of

the kind of directory your site will be listed on.

This is a vital part of getting a higher ranking in search engines. But it takes time, a lot of time and

effort, a lot of effort. Search engines put value on the kind of links a website gets. As tempted as you

may be to have a whole bunch of links to your website. Think quality, not quantity. A couple of link backs

from related sites and especially, trusted sites are worth more to search engines, to your website and to

you, than hundreds of links from just anywhere.

If you don’t have the time or the patience to build links yourself, there are affordable link building

services out there. There are companies that will build the links for your site.  If you want more

traffic, greater visibility and a higher ranking for your site, this is the way to go.


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